Shipping Anywhere… To Anyone


Canada Post motto is “From anywhere… to anyone”, but if the postal workers union goes on strike on June 2, they won’t be making good on their promise for up to two weeks.

I guess we don’t need to tell you that we have been avidly following the news about a possible strike with nail-biting preoccupation. As the scenario grew closer, we decided we had to act just as if the strike was a fact, and not rely on Canada Post to deliver our parcels for the time being. We simply can’t have hundreds of packages stuck in their warehouses, half way to their destinations.

So until the dispute is resolved, all orders will be shipped by UPS or Purolator. We know that this means higher rates for you, so we have done our best to give you the best possible discount. We will also continue to honor our Free Shipping for Canadian orders of $65 and U.S. orders of $95 (which will ship by courier as well).

To assure delivery, please make sure your address entries are complete and correct, including a valid phone number where you can be easily reached as well as the buzzer/intercom number for apartment buildings and business name for office buildings.

As a business that relies entirely on shipping to get our products to our customers, these developments are challenging for us. But we will continue to work as usual to get your orders to you on time. That’s a promise!