Exploring cities around the world is something we love doing to bring you rare and exclusive products. Travelling allows us to do much more than curate beautiful items; it allows us to understand the history and culture of the items we offer. Our latest trip was to Milan, Italy where […]

La Bella Italia

  Fendrihan and Paragon Shaving are teaming-up to giveaway two Paragon Shaving Brushes, Handcrafted in British Columbia, Paragon Shaving Brushes are known for their ergonomic mahogany wood handles and high-performing bristles. You could win a Finest Badger Brush with Paragon Handle or a Plisson Type Synthetic Type with RAV Handle! […]

Win a Paragon from Fendrihan!

Hair loss is inevitable for some of us. For those who embrace the smooth scalp look there are many reasons to embrace being follicle-free: Focus on a metabolizing mustache According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, even though there’s nothing up top it still indicates high levels of testosterone, […]

Be Bold & Be Bald…with Benefits

Warm earth tones with spicy notes and a rich woodsy scent combine to create an exotic yet familiar fragrance known as sandalwood. As one of the most, if not the most, popular fragrance for men’s shaving and grooming products, the sandalwood scent can be found in almost every collection of […]

History of Sandalwood

Austrian brand, the Haslinger Soap Company was founded by Chemist Georg Haslinger in the 1940’s. The product line is renowned for using only natural ingredients from honey, herbs, essential oils, and medicinal plants, The collection is made in Austria and features novelty items such as beer shampoo and honey soap! A […]

Haslinger Lookbook

Keeping your skin hydrated is part of a healthy skin routine. Along with keeping skin vibrant, moisturizing helps prevent wrinkles, fight acne, and can reduce the appearance of sun damage. Most effective when applied after cleansing, moisturizing both your face and body should be part of your daily skincare routine. […]

Best Moisturizers for Men

Since being patented in the late 1800s, the first safety razor has greatly evolved with brands adding their own signature touches. One brand that has done this exceptionally well is Germany company Merkur. They have continuously built upon their original model, improved engineering, and created an exceptional line of innovative […]

Comparing Merkur Models

You’ve decided to make the switch to wet shaving and have all your new and handsome supplies laid out on the bathroom counter. You’ve done your research and have thoroughly prepared your skin with a  pre-shave product. You’re ready for your first shave but have hit a roadblock at the […]

5 Simple Steps for a Perfect Lather

“Time does not deprive, it enriches.”  -Marco Campomaggi, Founder, Campomaggi This is the philosophy behind the unique and luxurious Italian Campomaggi brand. Founded in 1990, the brand has made a significant impact in the fashion world thanks to its trademark distressed leather bag collection. Inspired by the past and used items, […]

Product Spotlight: The Campomaggi Bag

About this time of year, with February on the horizon, and the promise of more snow and colder temperatures, you might be planning to escape to warmer, sunnier climates. Or not. Some of us aren’t so lucky, but have found a way to cope with the winter blues by incorporating […]

A Sub-Zero Tropical Paradise

If you are in search of that perfect shave, browsing our collection of Blades and Blade Samplers is a great way to find the best blade for your skin. As most double edge safety razors won’t include razor blades, samplers are a great, cost-effective way to personalize your shaving experience. Finding the […]

Choosing the Right Blades

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably suffered from “pseudofolliculitis barbae” at some point in your life. Otherwise known as razor burn, this common skin condition occurs when a hair begins growing inwardly, rather than outside the skin. Besides looking like acne, razor burn can be painful and uncomfortable. […]

5 Easy Ways to Say Good-Bye to Razor Burn