Countdown to Father’s Day


One week and counting. Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you promised yourself this year dad’s gift would be a little more unique. A tad more (or less) trendy. Basically a bit more brilliant. Definitely not another shirt or box of golf balls.

You have a gift to buy; we have ideas. Here are some to consider:

Pierotucci Campomaggi Washed Leather Messenger iPad Case, Cognac

Lavish Him with Luxurious Leather
Take a moment or twenty to thoroughly peruse our leather collections. Fendrihan’s range of European leathers covers all needs, from simple key holders to capacious briefcases and messenger bags roomy enough to hold a weekend’s worth of clothes, or an entire mobile office. And if dad’s dopp bag is a little worse for wear, we certainly can improve that situation. Crisp, precise and tailored accessoires from the UK’s Ettinger, smart and supple small leathers in saturated sunset colours from Germany’s Goldenhead and our newest lush, textured and buttery soft Italian leathers from Pierotucci—your father’s gift waits to be discovered. Go ahead and start a wish list for yourself, too—dad won’t mind.

Fendrihan 5-piece Wet Shaving Set with Edwin Jagger Classic Razor

Upgrade the Toolset
All Father’s Day shopping trips do not need to start and end in the hardware store. The tools dad uses every day may include a battered razor and a cracked cup. Avert your eyes—you probably do not want to look at the brush. Look beyond instead, and bring your father, and his daily shave, into the 21st century. If dad likes things coordinated, consider one of our sets. Pop is more of a mix and match guy? Pick out your own collection of mug, razor and brush. Dad a traditionalist? Surprise him with a brush made by a company with nine Royal Warrants over more than 200 years of service. Papa likes the cutting edge, in a cutting edge? Try a balanced, universe-age razor to take him toward the 22nd century.

Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne/Aftershave with Atomizer

Surround Him with Satisfying Scents
Dads can be creatures of habit, and one of those habits may be that dusty bottle of aftershave that lost its zing ten years ago, but is still splashed on for special occasions. You cannot tell him it smells more like old shoes than fine leather (or maybe you can—families are different), but you can gift him with something a little more in keeping with his status as head of the family. Browse our aftershaves, lotions and other skin care items. You are sure to find a scent that captures the essence of your father, whether he is a spicy old-school man, or a crisp, new wave guy. By the way, if you are the agent for the little ones presenting daddy with a shiny box and bow, consider for a moment what makes your eyes, and arms, open wide.

Timor Hamburg Ring Straight Razor, Horn Scales, 5/8″

Sharp Dressed Dad
Is your dad up for a new challenge? Maybe he has toyed with the idea of taking the plunge into straight edge shaving, or returning to it now that he has more time, or will make more time, for himself. We source the best straight edge razors world-wide for the man who appreciates an old fashioned wet shave, from start to finish. Ease him in with a straight razor using refillable blades. Dream your way through our pages of single edge razors from storied sword and blade makers from centuries past. Know that we offer support and advice to men who embark on or return to straight edge shaving through our site and directly from our staff, who are dedicated to making your father’s every shave a quality experience.

Fendrihan Gift Certificates

Long-Distance Dad/Particular Papa
If half a continent or an ocean separates you from your father on June 17th, not to worry. It also is sometimes best to allow dad to make his own decisions. To elegantly and efficiently handle life’s gifting challenges, we have Gift Certificates in a variety of denominations, easily sent and redeemed online. Take this opportunity to introduce the fathers in your life to our superior products.

Whether you call him dad, papa, father or pops, it is soon to be his day. Don’t forget those special grand dads, uncles and other important men who have been there for you and yours.

Men of distinction, all—Happy Father’s Day.