Weekly Giveaway #14 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Weekly Giveaway #14 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples

Our weekly contest series continues with week 14 and some great prizes to help you achieve a perfect shave.

Contest begins on August 4th. Be sure to get those entries in.

Weekly Giveaway #14 – Win a Cigar Box with Samples


  1. For new wet shavers. Especially if you have sensative skin. Use a face cloth or small towel. Wash your face with unscented soap. Rinse using the cloths with hot hot water and hold the cloth to your shaving area. Don’t burn yourself! Removing the excess oil from your skin will help your razor glide over your skin and less irritation. Use the mug and brush with a good soap disc…” william’s”.
    And enjoy!

  2. I love Fendrihan products and I really want to try out some more, this would be a great way to do that! I have a lot of men in my family to shop for at Christmas and I plan on doing a lot of shopping here!

  3. Fendrihan has everything needed for the new or experienced wet shaver. Great shopping and fast shipping.

  4. Looking forward to this giveaway. Can’t get this razor in my country, would love a chance to use it!

  5. Great giveaway… Thanks for the chance. My advice is to you use moisturizer or after shave to keep skin from drying out.

  6. Oh man, that looks amazing. I like the minimalistic stand! I’d like something like that for my straight razor.

  7. Beautiful! I was recently turned onto DE safety razors. This would be a great way to finally try it out haha

  8. Thanks for the chance to win some cool stuff!

    Here’s a couple of questions:

    1) Is that an Ambassador razor? (Can’t find the listing for an electro-coated version on the Fendrihan site)

    2) The stand won’t fit any of my razors because the hole diameter (12.5mm) is too small. I assume that it fits the Ambassador pictured…? Maybe I need to buy more razors! 🙂

  9. Very good giveaway, I’ve gotten all my shaving supplies from you guys since i started. keep it up !

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