Small Holiday Gifts

Small Holiday Gifts

Looking for a stocking stuffer or a small little something to add to your holiday gifts? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our small holiday gifts that are compact and practical.

Fendrihan Pre-Shave Oils – Made in England

Whether looking to soften skin pre-shave or wanting to add extra hydration to your grooming routine, the Fendrihan Pre-Shave Oils can do both! Made in England, they are available in five classic scents. 

Fendrihan Pre-Shave Oils.

Duckish Lotion Stick 

Ideal to combat dry and cracked winter skin, the Duckish Lotion Stick hydrates, softens, and nourishes skin. Fully naturally, it is crafted with natural ingredients and free of parabens and artificial materials, and available scented and unscented. 

Duckish Lotion Stick
Photo c/o Duckish

IFendrihan Metal Fine-Tooth Pocket Comb 

Comfortably slip this into a pocket and have a key grooming tool with you at all times. The Fendrihan Metal Fine-Tooth Pocket Comb is hand-finished and anti-static to keep your strands in check. 

Fendrihan Metal Combs.

Fendrihan Nail Brushes

Keeping hands and nails in top shape with a quality nail brush that features a durable handle and stiff bristles!

Sonnenleder “Mendel” Travel Pharmacy

Lightweight and compact, the Sonnenleder “Mendel” Travel Pharmacy allows your to conveniently carry everything you need when away from home.

Daneson Toothpicks

Infused with pure, natural flavours, the Daneson Toothpicks can be enjoyed post-meal or at anytime!

Daneson Burbon Toothpicks.
Photo c/o Daneson.

JSolid Cologne UK 

Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Solid Cologne UK collection is handmade and offers long-lasting fragrances that also work to moisturize skin. 

Solid Cologne UK
Photo c/o Solid Cologne UK.

Bee by the Sea Shampoo & Body Bar 

Bee by the Sea’s Shampoo and Body Bar offers an all-in-one grooming solution. Zero waste and all-natural, it cleanses and hydrates both skin and hair!

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