About Fendrihan

Fendrihan.com started as a way of bringing the wet-shaving experience to shaving enthusiasts who are looking for affordable upscale wet shaving products and classic grooming supplies. We wanted to transform a dreaded routine into a ritual you look forward to every day.

As our interests expanded, so too has our product selection. We offer a wide array of grooming products, small leather goods, and other novelty gifts for every style.

Our customers can also expect direct shipping with no custom-related hassles or delays.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is (AR Industries) Based in Wazirabad Pakistan We are Sending You our complete company information here.

    We are Manufacturer & Exporter of All Kinds of Custom Swords, Axes, Pocket Knife, Hunting Knife, Bowie Knife, Kukri Knife, Dagger Knife, Fillet Knife, Tracker Knife, Chef Knife, Chef sets, Shaving Razors, Billet/Bars, Hammer, Rings, Keychain, Locket and Spoons in Damascus steel, High carbon steel and Stainless steel..

    We make customized products so you can have your choice material, sizes, designs & quality.

    Our price is comparative less than market as. We produce ourselves Products. We appreciate you will have existing supplier but would simply ask you to give us an opportunity to prove our worthiness. But along with your current suppliers….

    For watch our products please visit our site. http://www.a-rindustries.com

    We will be waiting for your kind reply.

    Kind Regards Mr, M. Ali Bajwa

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