Must-Try Winter Fragrances!

Must-Try Winter Fragrances!

Diversify your winter grooming routine with rich seasonal fragrances. Find warm and comforting notes in everything from shower gel to cologne!

Our top picks by fragrance are listed below. Be sure to browse our full collection for all product listings.  


Inhale the warm and welcoming scent of tobacco. Strong notes of coffee and leather, mixed with sweeter notes of vanilla, bergamot, or other fruits and flowers, tobacco’s fragrances notes are the perfect balance between comfort and mystery. 

Fendrihan Robusto Shaving Soap, Made in the Netherlands

Recommended Tobacco scented products:


An unmistakable fragrance that can instantly transport you to the great outdoors, heavy wood fragrances feature notes of pine, moss, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood and so many more! 

Recommended Wood scented products:


Heat up winter grooming with a seductive and spicy fragrance. From pepper to clove to cinnamon, add a dash of spice to your daily winter routine.   

Recommended Spice scented products:


In between earthy and wood is musk; a scent that compliments fragrance notes it’s paired with. You might find musk in some of your favourite fragrances as it acts to balance all fragrance notes. 

Recommended Musk scented products: