We’ll always have shaving in Paris: Part 3

We’ll always have shaving in Paris: Part 3

The amazing thing about visiting Paris is the many faces of the city. While most of our time was taken up with shaving-related explorations, and for the travel between those shaving events, on the last night we took the opportunity to the “real” Paris, the city of the people who live and work there. It’s a beautiful place to travel, but it’s easy to get caught visiting some of the world’s most famous tourist sites, and miss the small streets and stores in-between.

The first order of business had to be finding a quick refresher. Luckily, Paris is more than just sumptuous cafes, and we found the perfect street to explore.



So many choices!


Natually we needed something to wash down the cheese. Luckily, this store was close by.


Followed by a quick dessert.


And maybe something healthy for later.