Plisson Celebrates 215 Years!

Plisson Celebrates 215 Years!

Innovative Parisian luxury, Plisson is known for its remarkable collection of shaving tools and accessories. 

Brand History 

Plisson was founded in 1808 and is thought to be the oldest shaving brush factory in the world!

Its first shaving brush patent was filed in 1855 and was followed by the manufacturing of a single beard brush in 1902. After expanding and diversifying their collection, Plisson began offering more grooming tools such as toothbrushes, manicure sets and makeup brushes.

Now a family business, Plisson continues to expand and perfect its collection with a range of products that includes shaving brushes, razors, shaving creams and soaps, skincare, hairbrushes and much more. 

Materials and Manufacturing

The founders of Plisson were skilled Tabletterie craftsmen, meaning they specialized in crafting small objects using horn, and precious woods.  

Plisson High Mountain Fiber Shaving Brushes
Photo c/o Plisson

Using precious woods including Macassar Ebony, Rosewood, Royal Rosewood, Olive, and Santos Rosewood, as well as horn, Plisson continues to handcraft and hand-turn highly sought-after shaving and grooming pieces. Lacquer, acetate, limoges porcelain, chrome, palladium, gold, rose gold, and ruthenium are also used for certain pieces in their collection.  

Napoleon and the Eagle

Plisson has a rich history which also includes ties to the Emperor Napoleon. Plisson manufactured the first badger hair shaving brush for the Emperor which he used daily. Plisson also adopted Napoleon’s iconic eagle symbol as their own to pay tribute to his relationship with the brand in 1808.

After rebranding and removing the eagle from their branding in the 1950’s, an updated eagle head was reintroduced as the brand’s logo in 2021. It differs from previous versions and features magnificent feathers that represent the brand’s uniqueness. 

The new Plisson logo
Photo c/o Plisson

Plisson + Joris

A major milestone came in 1999 when Plisson acquired the Joris brand, expanding its already vast collection of shaving brushes and safety razors.

Joris Pinstripe Collection
Photo c/o Plisson.

The Joris collection is easily identified by its rich combination of materials that mixes precious woods and horn with striking palladium or gold finishes. Joris shaving brushes are also unique in that the shaving brushes feature a removable screw-on shaving head for easy bristle replacement.

Photo c/o Plisson

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