Shaving Products for Normal to Coarse Hair

Shaving Products for Normal to Coarse Hair

Struggling to find the perfect shaving supplies for your hair type? We’ve listed the top shaving products for all types of hair and beards to help you achieve the smoothest and closest shave!

Normal Hair

Depending on your experience level, there’s an endless selection of shaving tools available to you. We’ve selected some of our favourite that are suitable for all hair types.

Thin & Fine Hair

Finding the right shaving products for thin and fine hair can be a tricky process. Along with trial and error, some of the most effective shaving tools for thin/fine hair are listed below: 

Thick & Coarse Hair

With thick and coarse hair, you’ll be able to tolerate a bit more aggressiveness with your shaving style. Simple changes to your shaving style, like the blades you use, can make a huge difference in your shave.

Tools to help you effortlessly cut through coarse hair are listed below!