Holiday Gifts 2023

Holiday Gifts 2023

Holiday gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful or exhausting. We’ve selected some unique gift ideas to help you complete your holiday shopping. 

Fendrihan 4-Piece Wet Shaving Set with Safety Razor and Badger Shaving Brush, Save $30: Wet-shaving never goes out of style! This set has everything needed for a close and smooth shave. 

Bellroy Sling: Compact, sleek, and stylish, the Bellroy Sling is a practical accessory that goes from day to night. 

Incense Cones: Add these to your home or office to create a calming atmosphere and refresh the air. With a short burn time, they are a great alternative to traditional incense sticks. 

Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat: Find a subtle touch of luxury with this ultra-soft mat that will hug your feet once you exit the bath or shower. 

F. Hammann Glass Flask, Medium: A glass bottle protected with premium leather, this flask is perfect for outdoor adventures

Blind Barber elixBoost Hydrating Face Balm: Give the gift of healthy skin with this nourishing, suitable for all skin types. 

Uchino Sumi Gauze & Pile Kimono Bath Robe: High in absorbency, this robe is enhanced with charcoal to eliminate odours and makes a perfect lounging accessory. 

Educated Beards Beard and Body Wash: This handcrafted gem is perfect for those who opt for simple and straight forward grooming routines. 

Educated Beards Beard and Body Wash
Photo c/o Educated Beards

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art Free Zone Mask and Scrub: An original formula with signature ingredients and a signature scent, using this luxury scrub is like going to a five star spa!


Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Browse our holiday collections for some inspiration.