New Brand: Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art

New Brand: Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art

Innovative, polished, and high-performing, the Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art collection is now available at Fendrihan!

Crafted in Italy 

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art delivers an authentic and original Italian shaving experience. Using the knowledge and skills of highly-trained barber, and founder Gian Antonio Pisterzi, the collection collection focuses on skin health and rejuvenation as much as it does performance. 

Learning the trade at a young age, Pisterzi worked as a master barber around the world for some of the best-known barbershops before opening his own in the heart of Milan. Fueled by a passion for barbering, the Pisterzi collection was built and meticulously formulated with premium ingredients.  

Signature Formulas and Scents

Unwrap any Pisterzi product and you’ll find an exclusive, high-performing formula. These grooming products differ from the rest as each product is enriched with biowaters. This means they are feature plant extracts harvested from organic agriculture using a water-based extraction method. In addition, the collection is designed with COSMOS** certified ingredients, a global certification standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

G.ART DNA© is the brand’s signature fragrance that is familiar yet unique. It mixes fresh citrus with warm woody scents and contains notes of bergamot, basil, sage, geranium, hyssop, vetiver, cedar wood and patchouli.

With sustainability top of mind, Pisterzi’s premium packaging offers, glass bottles, aluminum tube, refillable pouches and recycled paper when possible. 

Pisterzi’s Refillable Glass Jars

A signature fragrance, exclusive formulas, sustainable packaging, and second-to-none performance, this collection is sure to be one of the best you’ve ever experienced. 

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*All photos c/o Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art.