Klar Seifen in Pictures (II): Manufacturing Process

Klar Seifen in Pictures (II): Manufacturing Process

With a myriad of exclusive soap products, the experts of Klar maintained the successful recipe of 1840 and expanded on their traditional concept. Located in Heidelberg, the oldest soap manufacturer of Germany creates luxurious fine soaps, liquid soaps, hair & body shampoos as well as peeling and body oils.

Curious what happens inside the highly innovative plant transforming nature into pampering products? The manufacturing process may seem complicated to the uninformed eye; a fact only underlining the cultivated soap expertise next to the permanent contact with dermatologists and perfumers alike.

Even after 170 years from conceiving the first soap bar, Klar prides itself with the manufacturing entirely by hand. This has not only assured the passion and a specific personal touch in creating the pampering goods but has also contributed to the passing of a long-lasting tradition reaching the fifth generation now.

The perfect soap is born out of pure ingredients. Made of natural oils, plant extracts without any preservatives or artificial coloring agents, Klar focuses on ecological production. Using only the finest components, the end products become more refined, ideal for people suffering from allergies.

An old recipe or a new trend? No matter what the answer may be, a precise scale will always be useful. This will allow to respect the oldest formulas flawlessly and help measurements in creating the brand-new.

After picking quality ingredients and measuring them to the perfect amounts, the Klar professionals are ready to create their masterpieces. The basic ingredients for a pure hard soap are natural vegetable oils and caustic soda; after boiling these, salt is added to the mixture.

After the careful boiling process, the pure hard soap obtained can already be sold. Still, for divine scents like the Lavender Soap from the Hair & Body line, the Sport Soap from the Shaving line, and even the Curd Soap from the Classic line, further processing is needed. Maybe the extra processing is what Klar’s passion is all about since it transforms the basic bar into a luxurious one.

No matter the basic mixture used in boiling and the further processing, only substances respecting ecological production are used. Even if the Klar soap manufacturing process seems highly elaborated, there is no doubt that the raw materials needed are applied responsibly.

There is one aspect never neglected in the Klar plant. The German soap producing people give great attention to detail; a fact underlined in the individual checking process of every soap bar.

You may like your soap with a classic shape and an extravagant fragrance but when it comes to aspect, Klar is definitely not lacking on variety. The artistically designed soap sculptures take shape after being pressed into 500 different frames which have been passed on for generations within the Klar family.

Get the polar bear soap after knowing how it received its shape and fragrance and remember the Klar logo, a solid representative in the soap making business.

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