Klar Seifen in Pictures (I): History

Klar Seifen in Pictures (I): History

Known as Germany’s oldest company in producing soap, Klar has maintained a reputation where quality as well as traditional recipes are highly valued. For longer than 170 years, the German soap experts at Klar have chosen only the finest ingredients able to offer customers an unforgettable cleansing experience.

Fine, functional, therapeutic soaps— all part of the large Klar variety bringing fine lathers— aim to nourish, pamper and enhance the user’s well-being.

Traveling is always said to be a great way to enhance experience. In the case of Philipp Klar, this was a great step in the art of creating soap. After visiting St. Petersburg, the creator of Klar was able to open his own workshop in Heidelberg. Since the 1840, the family owned company has maintained and managed a successful tradition of producing high-class soap.

With joy in experimenting and great innovative spirit the inveterate company expanded through new recipes added to the already acknowledged ones.

The 1840 workshop used by Philipp Klar for boiling the first soap bars was only the first step in creating history. The 1900s brought expansion and the establishing of the Klar company taken over by Theobald Klar, Philipp’s son. From great beginnings to even bigger achievements after the second World War when Theobald’s sons took over; Klar only increased its prestige in producing “nourishing goods with a touch of luxury”.

Appreciations came from outside the country’s borders with the help of appealing advertising campaigns introducing their aromatic products to the international public.

Nowadays, the natural soap company is managed by Niels Klar; a representative of the fifth generation in the Klar family business. Even though the product line has expanded in time covering now economical fine soaps, liquid soaps, hair and body shampoos as well as peeling and body oils, the German business man has a goal in expanding even further by “shifting the focus back to the company’s own brand”.

For the production of Klar soaps, quality has inevitably the highest standards. Visiting the plant at Heidelberg, you will feel the honest simplicity in production and presentation whether you are holding a soap bar in your hand or looking at the precise press machines. Well-being is created here without harming the environment through maintaining a healthy balance between economic, social as well as ecologic responsibility.

Using 100-year-old molds or experimenting with new ingredients in conceiving the brand new, the manufacture entirely by hand has always been a Klar must-have. This way, the professionals from Heidelberg could put their passion into production and assure their customers of stringent quality checks.

What are the Klar soaps made from? The answer: renewable raw materials like precious essential oils and plant extracts both native and exotic. The pure goods, preservative-free as well as colorants-free are seen as ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Even if the traditional recipes are famed for their fresh formulas, every Klar product is an end result of cultivated soap expertise combined with the extensive knowledge of dermatologists and perfumers.

Due to their commitment to quality, Klar is one of the companies with an international seal of approval “Made in Germany”. This hallmark indicates that the soap experts symbolized by the polar bear logo are striving for luxury obtained in a meticulous production process.

The Klar Classic line of 100-gram bars with nostalgic packaging has been a bestseller throughout time; the present making no exception. The soft curd soap was recommended especially for sensitive people suffering from allergies. The children’s soap offers a more tender kind of pampering. The lady soap combines fresh flowery notes while the gentlemen one stimulates through its subtle masculine perfume.

The contemporary lines of Klar soaps aim to offer a positive feeling with an artistic feel. Try the newest added formulas like the rich nurturing Grapefruit soap or the Mediterranean inspired Rosemary soap, both from the Hair & Body line. When it comes to shaving, the extra smooth can be obtained together with the tremendously creamy. The Classic shaving soap individualizes itself through its spicier notes, the Sport one fits the active lifestyle of the man on the move and the Sandalwood one offers extra protection. Klar is one of the companies offering women a product for shaving; the soap especially designed for ladies has a gentle fragrance mixing ginger with delicate lotus.

Spoil yourself with the genuine products of Klar, artistically embodying the passion of soap making in more than five generations.

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