Coconut Shave Bowl: Breathe Deeply of Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Latest Offering

Coconut Shave Bowl: Breathe Deeply of Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Latest Offering

Where does that deep sigh of contentment come from the moment you first catch a whiff of the new Coconut shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street? Starts down at your toes, strangely feeling a sandy bite, with a final exhale of pure relaxation and slow-paced peacefulness.

As Marcel Proust knew well, this is not simply the anticipation of a fine lather drifting from the bowl of quality shaving cream, ready for your favorite badger or boar brush. Although that is surely on its way.

It is an involuntary memory, perhaps of sunny shores, and a loved one’s gentle massage of deliciously scented oil into your languid muscles. Or the toasted wonder of a macaroon or the sticky lusciousness of a German chocolate cake. Maybe the reflection in the mind’s eye is of an icy glass of tropical elixirs, a quenching draught of remembrance, taking the edge off a long, hot day turning into a sultry, steamy night.

Some scents are familiar, some scents are coveted and some are associated with a person or place. Only a very few are singular scents, unmistakable and capable of transporting back to a time and a feeling that is almost tangible in its reality. Coconut is one of these master scents, seizing the hands of human emotion and physical sense, and drawing them back to a warm and sensual moment with one deep intake of its powerful perfume.

Coconut teases with reminders of warm summer days, sunburned noses and the rich and nourishing balm coconut oil offers to thirsty, sun kissed skin. Sipping of a coconut-based cocktail, with its perky little umbrella, and watching the sun dip into the sea is an indelible memory, perhaps buried deeply after that vacation of a lifetime, but surfacing easily when the essence of coconut washes over. Toasted coconut aromas can warm the soul on even a frigid Canadian night, wafting from the oven as a sweet confection is taken out to cool for luscious enjoyment later. Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Coconut Shaving Cream curls you right up next to that long ago pan of macaroons, the madeleines of your remembrance of things past.

Indulge your senses, past and present, in the luxury of a bowl of coconut memories from Taylor of Old Bond Street. Gratify this visceral longing without breaking the bank, as Taylor of Old Bond Street offers a complete and natural coconut immersion for a fraction of the cost of other so-called premium shaving experiences.

Breathe deeply, curl your toes into the sand, and tuck the umbrella behind one ear as you begin the first fragrant shave of many to be fondly remembered.