Can you shave without shaving cream?

Can you shave without shaving cream?
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If you run out of shaving cream, reach for your conditioner.

There are several options for men who want to shave without shaving cream. For example, there are fragrant shaving soaps that can be used with natural badger-hair bristle shaving brushes to create a rich, thick lather that can be used for a close shave.

Shaving oil is another excellent alternative. Just a few drops of quality shaving oil can lubricate the whiskers, moisturize the skin and provide a close shave while minimizing razor bumps. For a less traditional alternative to shaving cream, gentlemen can use a conditioner that is intended for men’s hair.

Shaving with hair conditioner is a good solution in a pinch if you run out of shave cream, soap or oil. Simply apply a generous layer of conditioner to the face and allow the blade to glide over the skin using the conditioner as a lubricant. Rinse thoroughly and apply an after shave product as usual.