eShave Pre-Shave Oil Line: Seven Drops of Pure Energy

eShave Pre-Shave Oil Line: Seven Drops of Pure Energy

eShave pre-shave oils“Preparation is king”, a premise every modern gentleman should take into consideration no matter his shaving routine. Taking this step before the sharp blade touches your face will help not only with the softening of thick hair follicles but will also protect against irritation, dryness and potential razor clogging. A high quality product designed for both skin rejuvenating and razor longevity is the light, pleasantly scented pre-shave oil offered by the eShave line.

Even if the company is just an infant on the grooming market, their products distributed now in over 17 countries have proved themselves worth of admiration. Appealing through the sophisticated variety they offer, the modern experts guided by Danielle Malka are committed to “making a difference in customer’s lives”. When it comes to pre-shave oil, the individualizing factor consists in the fact that the seven different formulas of all natural, energizing drops easily nourish all skin types offering the most comfortable shave.

What does preparation with pre-shave oil imply? The answer: two drops of oil massaged on the face and neck area. This small amount with delightful smell will prove to be efficient and highly emollient without actually leaving your skin greasy. Having the skin moisturized, you will assure the easy, bump-free glide across the shaving area.

Now that you know the advantages of using this product, it is time to choose from seven different versions eShave offers. Choose the Orange Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil, designed for dry to normal skin types which was voted 2011’s Best by famous Men’s Health Magazine. The Verbena Lime, White Tea or Cucumber versions are ideal for all skin types; the rich Almond Pre-Shave Oil is the way to prepare if you have normal to dry skin while Lavender and Fragrance Free fit the most sensitive dermis. With the whole shaving ritual in mind, eShave offers some great pairing options consisting in shaving creams with complimenting fragrances and after shave soothers meant to follow the pre-shave oil preparation step.

Make a difference in your shaving routine: nourish your skin with pure drops of energizing eShave Pre-Shave Oil.