What Is the Best Shaving Soap for Men?

What Is the Best Shaving Soap for Men?
Trumper shaving soaps for men
Shaving soaps from Geo F Trumper. Reputedly some of the best produced today.

The best shaving soap for men is the one that works best for the individual male.

Most men have a few things in common when looking for the perfect product. Everyone wants a thick, rich lather that will lubricate the skin and provide a smooth, close shave without irritation, bumps or razor burn. For some men, that means using a lightly scented soap especially formulated for sensitive skin with ingredients like aloe and green tea. Other men may prefer a shaving soap with a strong fragrance that lingers long after the process of shaving is complete. Gentlemen may choose from soap scented with the aroma of coconuts, violets, sandalwood, lime, rose and many other heavenly fragrances.

Remember, what constitutes the best shaving soap is a very personal decision. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect one for you.

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  1. I’m a hairy geezer and I’ve been shaving since I was 12…

    The best I’ve found…

    Yardley Shaving soap in the wood bowl…. best I’ve ever used. Creamy smooth, softens beard, wonderful. No longer available but I bought every cake I could find so I now have a lifetime supply.

    The best razor I found to be the Shick disposable. I has a little button that cleans out the area between the blades, a novel idea. Shaves well and lasts a long time.

    The best aftershave I’ve found is a body lotion from Aruba that contains Aloe. Creamy, no burn, sooths the skin. Gives me a great excuse to go back to Aruba when supply is low.

    Just my 2 cents

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