What Are the Best Razor Blades for Men?

What Are the Best Razor Blades for Men?
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The best razor blade? Only trial and error will tell…
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Choosing the best razor blades for men can be complicated. The best razor blades for one man may not be the best choice for another man. The good news is that the vast array of available options means that any man can find the perfect choice with just a little trial and error. For anyone who is uncertain where to begin, blade samplers are the best way to discover which brand suits you best.

There are several manufacturers who are well known for producing exceptional products that are popular among discriminating gentlemen. Here are just a few of the most popular brands.

Feather is a Japanese company whose name is synonymous with quality. They have the distinction of being the sharpest blades on the market. That attribute makes them able to tackle even the thickest beards with relative ease. However, their sharpness makes them less desirable for beginners or men with sensitive skin.

Merkur blades are popular and easy to find. Although they are not highly recommended for gentlemen with coarse beards or thick hair, they work well for men with light or medium beards and normal skin. Unlike Feather, Merkur blades are considered a good choice for beginners.

Wilkinson blades are yet another popular choice. They have been described as consistent and comfortable. They are also widely available and suitable for beginning wet-shavers. One thing that differentiates Wilkinson from other blades is the company’s proprietary polymer coating. This coating is designed to minimize friction and create a smoother shaving experience with less irritation than some other blades.

If you are wondering where to buy safety razor blades, there is a simple answer. These are simple to purchase online. For example, Fendrihan has a plentiful selection and they ship directly from their Greater Toronto Area location to anywhere in the world.

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  1. One model of blade with one model of razor will be different than the same blade in a different model of razor, finding the combinations that work best for you can be time consuming.

    My favourite were the Treet black blades but I’m out and I haven’t been a ble to find a supplier for months.

  2. I have tried many over the year`s and I use them in my Dovo Shavette and I also use the Pro in my Feather…and I have found one thing to be true… everyone is different, the only way to find the “BEST” blade, is to find the one that work`s for you!!! I happen to like the Feather, but not when I need a quick shave, as they are SHARP and unforgiving…for most of my shaves I use the Gillette black`s DE or the Big Ben DE blades. when I have more time I use the Feather`s…take your time.

  3. And I love Personna Precision’s. This was after trying a ton of different ones, and then going back and trying them all again. I think it really comes down to personal preference.

  4. Hey whats your opinion on Apollo razors. I first tried Merkur and liked that blade and ordered some Apollo razors to give a try and I find that they feel a bit more dull or unable cut through as easily than the merker blade

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