How to make the perfect shaving soap lather in 5 steps

How to make the perfect shaving soap lather in 5 steps

Wet shaving takes a time to master, but with patience and practice you can enhance what is already a fantastic shaving experience even further with these simple steps.

A well-crafted, rich and full lather will add another dimension to your morning or evening ritual, so the team here at Fendrihan HQ thoroughly recommend you make the effort to learn the skills outlined below to produce the optimum soapy blend.


Our good friends at Jack’s Soap weren’t happy with the information that was out there on how to produce the best lather possible, so they came up with these five simple instructions. We like them, and we’re sure you’ll like them too.

1. Get your brush wet

Start by putting your brush in hot water for about 2 minutes. This will help to soften the bristles and fill up the brush with water. If you’re using a badger hair brush, tone down the temperature to warm so you don’t destroy the tips of the bristles.

2. Adjust the water content of the brush

While taking the shaving brush out of the water, pinch it slightly to squeeze out some water, but be sure to leave most of it in there. If you leave too much water your lather will not hold well on your face, but if you don’t have enough water in your brush it will be dry and produce little lather. As you can see, it’s a delicate balancing act.

3. Load the brush with Shaving Soap

Now it is time to load up your brush with Shaving Soap. Get your soap wet while making circular motions, and a few up and down motions for good measure, to get as much soap as possible loaded onto the bristles. About a minute should be sufficient to load your brush.

4. Create lather

There are two ways to create lather:

  • Face lathering: Perform circular motions on every section of your face that you want to shave. Keep doing this motion for about two minutes until you have a nice rich and thick lather. This face lathering technique will lift your whiskers, getting them ready for the shave. As a bonus, while you’re face lathering you’re also exfoliating. Win-win!
  • Using a shaving cup: Once your brush is loaded, do circular motions in your shaving cup to create a thick and rich lather.


5. Paint your face with the shaving lather

Using an up and down motion paint your face with the thick and rich shaving lather you have created with Jack’s Shaving Soap. You should have enough lather in your brush to apply it a second and third time if needed.

That’s it! SHAVE!
You are now ready for the perfect shave.

And don’t forget to rinse your brush…
When you are finished don’t forget to thoroughly rinse your brush to ensure it has a long life. This is step one for your next quality shaving experience!

There you have it, five simple steps to ensure you’ve got the best quality shaving lather to enhance your shaving experience, and be prepared for next time as well.

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