We’re not ones to cry over spilled milk: Fendrihan Contest Winners


We’re not ones to cry over spilled milk, but we did shed some light tears of laughter reading some of your responses to our Thiers Issard straight razor giveaway contest. We’ve looked through all of your replies, and hand-picked some of the greatest responses—Check them out!


Winner: Best Marriage Goals

“Why should I win?

  1. Loyal customer.
  2. Love wet shaving.
  3. My wife says I’ll kill myself if I got a straight razor and I want to prove her wrong.”

–J.B., contestant


Winner: Best Satire

“I am 83 and am probably old enough now to learn to use a straight razor.”

–M.O., contestant


Winner: Boldest Response

“Because I want to prove time travel can actually occur and be more than just an obscure individual in this world, look out Einstein.”

–W.K., contestant


Winner: Best Manly Man

“I’d like to enter because I have a wife, an 18 month old daughter, 2 dogs (both female), and a cat (also female). I’m surrounded by women and need something to make me feel manly again!”

–K.B., contestant


Winner: Because He’s Worth It

Sixty-two years old, I have time and am ready for the real thing. I’m worth it.”

–Anonymous, contestant


And finally, our Big Winner is…

James Klippenstein! Congrats James, and please enjoy your brand new razor!

We want to thank everyone for their responses—especially these distinguished gentlemen—and we wish you all the best of luck!

The Fendrihan Team