New Years New Beards: Our Top Resolutions for a Great 2017

New Years New Beards: Our Top Resolutions for a Great 2017

It’s January, and that means it’s time to get to work on our New Years Resolutions. And yes, just because last year we only lasted three days at the gym doesn’t mean that we should stop trying. Who could have predicted that we’d be allergic to our own sweat? Even the doctor says we’re better off on the couch.

Now, we’ve all heard the cliche resolutions – lose weight, eat better. But isn’t there a better, more lasting path to self-improvement? We think there is, and it involves your face.


Resolution 1: Actually grow a beard

Note: Eyes not included.

This year it’s time to get back to the nature of a natural manly look. Nurture a beard. Who knows, by the end of the year you may be sporting one fantastically hairy chin. You may even inspire others to follow “hirsute”.


Resolution 2: Foster a financially sound beard

Get it? Because he's got a beard, and he's on a coin.
Get it? Because he’s got a beard, and he’s on a coin.

Beards don’t have to be – and shouldn’t be assumed they are – wily zones that collect no more than bits of food and odour. They can be equally refined accessories that lend themselves to all walks of life, including the boardroom. That’s what grooming products are for. You can walk into work on a Monday morning freshly beard balmed and smelling like rich roses.


Resolution 3: Find the Best Beard Products for Grooming

You’ll have to use a different brush to keep your counters this spotless, though.

You want your beard to look good, smell pleasant and look healthy. You’ll need some things to help establish a good grooming routine to avoid looking like your chin is housing a brillo pad. Invest in a comb or brush, beard (slash moustache) trimmer, beard oil or beard balm and a cleansing agent.

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Resolution 4: Try a new style

He started growing his beard Jan 1, and so far he’s liking it.

Sport a Winter Beard. It’ll come in pretty useful for those harsh Canadian winters. Long beards are trendy, cozy and simply burly.


Resolution 5: Beard Promotion

A man convinces his girlfriend to grow her own beard.

Once you’re in tune with your new facial friend you can bestow the benefits of bears upon others. Encourage friends and family to grow one too. That way, you’ll have more members in the fold to trade beard secrets with, review beard care products and swap grooming tips with.


Your new year has never looked so bright. And if these resolutions do change your life, no need to thank us. Just knowing that we’ve made a difference is thanks enough.