Pneumatic Hair Brushes

Pneumatic Hair Brushes

Our customers often ask us to help them choose products from everything from safety razors to hand soap. We’ve received many inquiries about the design of Pneumatic Hair Brush so we thought we’d take some time to set the record straight.

By design, pneumatic hair brushes have bristles, made of either wood, boar, metal, or a combination of materials, mounted on rubber or cushioned pad. Underneath this pad is trapped air which gives the brush a soft base for gentle brushing.

TEK Rectangular Ash Wood Paddle Pneumatic Hair Brush with Wooden Bristles
Photo c/o Tek.

Most of these brushes will also intentionally have a bristle missing to allow air to escape to reduce pressure on hair strands. This is common for pieces from TEK, Altesse, and house brand, Fendrihan.

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