Post Shave Remedies; Alum Blocks & Styptic Pencils

Post Shave Remedies; Alum Blocks & Styptic Pencils

When shaving causes minor irritations, there are quick and effective solutions to soothe soreness and reduce inflammation. Natural remedies like alum blocks and styptic pencils are among the most powerful calming agents. It’s time to put away the toilet paper and learn about alum blocks and styptic pencils so you can improve your shave, and your skin.  

Alum Block

Crafted from potassium aluminum sulfate, Alum Blocks are naturally sourced. The most traditional aftershave remedy, alum blocks are believed to have originated with the ancient Egyptians. Alum blocks are large pieces of naturally occurring crystals that contain antiseptic and astringent properties to close pores and eliminates bacteria from forming, leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Application Method

  1. Wet the alum block.
  2. Rinse soap or cream off face after shaving.
  3. Apply the block to shaved areas.
  4. Rinse face when complete.  

Alum blocks should be rinsed after each use to wash away bacteria. In addition to helping soothe skin post-shave, many users apply alum blocks as deodorant. With its natural formulation, alum blocks are unscented and effective at preventing odour.  



Styptic pencils, like those by Clubman, work to relieve small cuts and nicks. Containing alum, which acts as an astringent, it safely and effectively stops minor bleeding that sometimes arises as a result of shaving.

The user moistens the tip slightly before pressing it against the skin at the site of the cut. It only takes one small application to constrict blood vessels at the site of the bleeding. The pencil leaves behind a light layer of white residue that seals the cut and protects it from becoming infected. It may also sting a bit so be prepared when applying.

Application Method:

  1. Wet the tip with water.
  2. Rinse soap or cream off face after shaving.
  3. Gently pat the affected area with the wet tip.
  4. Let it absorb for a few minutes (3-5) before washing off residue.

For sanitary reasons, the pencil should be rinsed after use. Using less water during the process is better for the longevity of the product. In addition, the pencil is brittle and breaks easily. Fortunately, it works just as well even if it is broken so consumers will still be able to use the entire styptic pencil and get their money’s worth.


Go ahead and give these post-shave remedies a try!