Brand Spotlight: Castelbel Porto & Portus Cale

Brand Spotlight: Castelbel Porto & Portus Cale

Crafted in Portugal, Castelbel Porto and Portus Cale are known for their exquisite shaving, grooming and home products.  

Castelbel Porto 

Castelbel Porto Store.
Photo c/o Castebel Porto.

Castelbel Porto was founded out of a passion for quality. Its founder, Aquiles Barros, was a chemistry professor that headed a manufacturing team producing luxury soap. Within a year of production, his small team of six had enormous success, with a turnover of 150 thousand euros.   

The Castelbel collection has a rich history, reflected in its vibrant packaging that celebrates different regions of Portugal.

Castelbel Coconut Conditioner Bar
Photo c/o Castelbel Porto

Inspired by the landscape of the Douro River Valley in the Iberian Peninsula, the Castelbel collection reflects the warmth and spirit of Portugal with its fragrances and product listings.  

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Portus Cale

Portus Cale store.
Photo c/o Portus Cale

Finding success in their soap collection, Castelbel Porto expanded their offerings by introducing a premium collection of fine soap, body and home products under the Porto Cale name.

Rich ingredients and unique designs define its lavish line.  

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