Summer Essentials for Men

Summer Essentials for Men

Warmer weather and sunshine have arrived! Just like changing to your summer wardrobe, tweaks to your grooming routine should also be updated seasonally, especially in summer.


You can reduce the appearance of fine lines and sunspots on your face with very subtle changes, like swapping your standard moisturizer with an SPF Moisturizer.  This ensures your skin is both protected from the sun’s powerful rays and keeps is nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

 Urth Face Balm SPF 15
Photo c/o Urth Skin Solutions

RecommendedUrth Face Balm SPF 15Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer, SPF 20

While protecting the skin on your face and neck, don’t forget about your lips. An SPF lip balm is a great investment not only for summer, but throughout the year. 

Preston Lip Balm, SPF 15
Photo c/o Preston

RecommendedDuke Cannon Supply Co. Cannon Balm Tactical Lip ProtectantPreston Lip Balm, SPF 15

You can also change up your shaving routine by switching your shaving cream or soap to a lighter summer scent.

Recommended: Henri et Victoria Artisan Shaving Soap Vegan 2.0, LimeFine Classic Shaving Soap

Body Care

With the increased summer heat, you’ll want to keep your body dry and feeling fresh. Using a long-lasting deodorant and absorbing talc powder will eliminate discomfort and body odour. 

Recommended: Baxter of California Deodorant Stick, Citrus and Herbal Musk, Rinse Bath & Body Co. deOdor StickBalla Powder Original Formula Body Powder, Travel Size

If you’re working outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen throughout the day. Diposable wipes will also help keep you and your skin cool throughout the working day. 

Recommended: Duke Cannon Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels for Face and BodyThinkbaby Sunscreen, SPF 50+

Hair Care

Humidity makes it difficult to control any hair type during warmer months. Embracing a natural, beach-like style is an easy fix. A tonic spray or light pomade work great for achieving an effortless style. 

Recommended: Triumph & Disaster Karekare Hair Tonic, Natural Sea Salt SprayBYRD Light Pomade, The Free Byrd

Warmer weather and increased sun exposure can also dry out hair. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner will help maintain hair’s natural moisture so you won’t have to worry about dry or brittle strands. 

Mucky Ducks Daily Hydrating Shampoo for Men
Photo c/o Mucky Ducks Men Grooming

Recommended: Mucky Ducks Daily Hydrating Shampoo for Men