Razors: Safety, Electric or Cartridge?

Razors: Safety, Electric or Cartridge?

When looking for a close, smooth shave, what’s your go-to razor? Do you reach for an electric, cartridge, or safety razor? 

While each type of razor has its own benefits, a safety razor is our top choice for achieving the closest, irritation-free, shave. 

The Quick Fix – Electric Razors 

Preferred for convenience and ease of use, electric razors can be used by just about anyone and require little to no pre-shave care.

Electric Razor.

Suitable for dry skin, electric shaving gets the job done but does make skin prone to irritation and may not result in the close shave you’re after. 

For Convenience – Cartridge Razors 

Cartridge razors are the most popular option as they’re easy to use and readily available. Unlike electric razors, there is some pre-shave work needed with cartridge razors.

They’ll often be equipped with a multi-blade head, which works well to remove hair but also is a common source of skin irritation. Replacing cartridges can also add up quickly and is not the most environmentally-friendly practice. 

The Perfect Shave – Safety Razors 

A close shave with minimal irritation is possible with a safety razor. Single blades gently glide across skin, minimizing friction and preventing irritation.

Shaving with a safety razor will require a pre-shave routine and some planning. There is a learning curve, and you may experience minor cuts along the way, but the end result is worth it. You’ll also find yourself saving on blades and reducing waste. Don’t let the wet-shaving process discourage you from experiencing a safety razor. Check out our safety razor shaving tips to get started!