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  Many modern men have a perennial attraction to the old-fashioned barbershop experience, and one of the touchstones of barbershop quality has always been the straight razor shave. Though extravagant in today’s shaving world, it is part and parcel with the old men’s tradition, and many still go in search […]

Are Straight Razor Shaves Legal in North America?

  Every year during the autumn months, high up in the Austrian Alps, you’ll see local farmers. They are gathering delicate, yet discreet little plants in an annual harvest known as the Speick Sting. These mountain farmers are workers from Speick Natural Cosmetics Company, gathering the Alpine valerian plant in […]

Speick Grooming Products: A Force of Nature

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  Whether you’re a new or long-time Fendrihan customer, one of our most important goals is to consistently try and offer greater value for your dollar. We know you have choices, and we want you to know that we appreciate every time you choose us. That’s why we initiated the Fendrihan […]

Understanding Fendrihan Reward Points

After a long few months of autumn and Indian summer, blowing over into the territory of usual Canadian winter, the perennial hope that the cold would never come this year was roused, leaving people more disillusioned than ever when it eventually did arrive, slick at their doorsteps. Dimly lit living […]

Walking in the Winter: A Canadian Reflection

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In a traditional wet shaving routine, you have a razor, a brush, a soap, and a bowl—all pretty simple. But what happens when the soap doesn’t fit the bowl? This can derail your morning shave in one of two ways: Either your soap is too big for the bowl, or […]

Fitting a Square Soap into a Round Bowl: How to ...

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  It’s 2015 and we’re all shopping this holiday season. Here are our Top Ten suggestions for what to buy that man in your life. Or go ahead, pamper yourself. You deserve it!   1. Cervo Vittorio Leather Messenger Bag, Cognac This handsome Italian designer bag is the ideal gift for […]

Fendrihan’s 2015 Top Ten Gifts for Men

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Transcript: “It’s early afternoon, and I’m here in this hip Burlington cafe called Tamp. I’m sitting on an iron stool at a wooden bar, enjoying a turbo americano. This is an espresso-based drink, made with hot water and supercharged with 4 shots of espresso. It sure is invigorating! There’s quiet […]

Java and a Black Notebook: A Visual Essay

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  Shaving scenes in cinema have borne a special, dramatic weight since the very beginnings of the Silver Screen. Who would have guessed that the quotidian affair of simple grooming would find itself spread so broadly across cinema? Brisk coming-of-age scenes, solitary moments of despair, and even characters embroiled in […]

The Straight Razor Story: Dramatic Shaving Scenes in Cinema

  Today we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our locally produced brands.  Uncle Peter’s MAN has been part of Fendrihan’s collection for a few months now. They’re an all-natural multi-purpose skin and beard care line of products made in Toronto, Canada. We interviewed founder Young Lee to […]

CONTEST: Uncle Peter’s MAN Product Line on Fendrihan