It’s December. Start shopping. Leave the ugly sweaters and white sport sock gifting to your aunt and browse our Christmas compilation of smart suggestions for guys.   Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key – $3.50 Coffee isn’t the only thing that’s good to the last drop, especially when you want […]

Fendrihan’s Comprehensive Christmas Gift Guide, 2016

  When it comes to shaving, are you a With the Grain (WTG), an Against the Grain (ATG), or an Across the Grain (XTG) kind of guy? For a lot of guys starting out in the wet shaving world, this question is the last thing on their mind. It’s just […]

Mapping Facial Hair Growth for Shaving

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It’s Friday once again, and we want to celebrate. The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means parties. Whether you’re hanging out drinking eggnog with your friends, or chilling by the fire with your grandma, it’s a time to look your best. To help you get started, […]

Win a Hippie Killer Hair Styling Combo

When it comes to shaving brushes, the silvertip badger rules. Soft, luxurious, and natural, it’s an ancient tradition. It’s the best choice of brush for any shaver, right? Well, not exactly. Myth: Silvertip Badger is Always the Best Choice of Brush – FALSE This one’s a tricky myth to tackle, because […]

Health Myths #412 The Best Shaving Brush is a Silvertip ...

  Maybe you prefer to use a ‘comb-over’ a brush (get it?) – for everything from the top of your head to the tips of your beard and moustache. Combs are made from various materials these days so which one is best? It depends on preference and budget – and […]

Comb-o Arigato: Choosing the Right Comb for Your Hair

Your trip is booked and you’re excited for that long-awaited adventure with your friends and/or signification other, but you’re worried about one thing – your grooming routine! Which razor will you bring? What about your soaps and brushes? Will you be forced to forego shaving and grow a beard? Whether […]

Travelling and Wet Shaving: How to Get a Great Shave ...

Ready, Set, Shave… Then grow your fiercest ‘stache possible. Ah, Movember: a time to let your man hair down, or more specifically grow out – all for a good cause and to make the Ron Burgundys and Burt Renolds of the world proud. The moustache is to men’s health what […]

Movember 2016: Ready, Set, Shave…

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s likely that you heard this myth repeated to you a lot during those awkward teen years. If you were a man, it might have been encouragement, a secret hint on how to strengthen your moustache and impress your friends. If you were […]

Health Myths #168 Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Darker and ...

  To a lot of guys, when they think of hair brushes the first thing that comes to mind is something with bristles, a handle, and a lot of their wife’s hair. But for men’s shorter hair, sometimes a more traditional design can have better results, and that’s where the […]

Military Style Hair Brushes for Men

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Welcome to another happy Friday. The weekend’s about to begin, and we want to help one lucky Fendrihan member start their weekend with a bang. That’s why we’re giving away one custom, handmade Fendrihan Thiers Issard French straight razor. With a full hollow ground 5/8″ blade and black scales, it’s […]

Win a Fendrihan Full Hollow Ground Straight Razor

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One of the things we love most about wet shaving is how connected it can make us feel to the past. Men have been shaving with safety razors for over 100 years. It’s likely that most of our dads, granddads, and great granddads learned to shave on something very similar […]

How to Restore a Vintage Safety Razor

The amazing thing about visiting Paris is the many faces of the city. While most of our time was taken up with shaving-related explorations, and for the travel between those shaving events, on the last night we took the opportunity to the “real” Paris, the city of the people who […]

We’ll always have shaving in Paris: Part 3