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Transcript: “It’s early afternoon, and I’m here in this hip Burlington cafe called Tamp. I’m sitting on an iron stool at a wooden bar, enjoying a turbo americano. This is an espresso-based drink, made with hot water and supercharged with 4 shots of espresso. It sure is invigorating! There’s quiet […]

Java and a Black Notebook: A Visual Essay

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  Shaving scenes in cinema have borne a special, dramatic weight since the very beginnings of the Silver Screen. Who would have guessed that the quotidian affair of simple grooming would find itself spread so broadly across cinema? Brisk coming-of-age scenes, solitary moments of despair, and even characters embroiled in […]

The Straight Razor Story: Dramatic Shaving Scenes in Cinema

  Today we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our locally produced brands.  Uncle Peter’s MAN has been part of Fendrihan’s collection for a few months now. They’re an all-natural multi-purpose skin and beard care line of products made in Toronto, Canada. We interviewed founder Young Lee to […]

CONTEST: Uncle Peter’s MAN Product Line on Fendrihan

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A place where men gathered for open debate, town news, and sports talk—all while getting a haircut and specialty wet shave—was once a mainstay in the early 20th century community of gentlemen. Self-starters, Ryan Baker and Jerry Filice adopted this old idea and combined it with their love for cigars, […]

“We Had To Build Our Name”: A Look Inside ...

What are those elusive qualities that women seek in men? Listening around, you’re sure to hear opposite opinions from lady to lady. How we wish that the confusion would end there: preferred fashions go in and out of style in the blink of an eye, interests waver, and interpersonal dynamics […]

What A Girl Wants (In a Man): A Lady’s Perspective ...

Don’t Man-Handle Your Man Hands You’re at the checkout in the grocery store, and the clerk at the cash glances down, her face suddenly in horror: she has seen your hands, and their image is burned on to her retinas. You thought no one would notice such a small detail, […]

6 Steps for Business-Ready Hands

He’s only two re-writes away from finishing the great American novel. You’ve probably heard of him, he’s a 20-something in Brooklyn? Wears a funny hat? He was in your MFA. And sure, he’s got a great taste in literature and has become something of a fashion icon for those of […]

5 Essential Accessories for the Guy in Your MFA

Slick for School Sale
We’re excited to announce Fendrihan’s Slick for School in September Giveaway Contest! We want you to look your best for the new school year, so we’re giving away a pretty slick set with: Byrd Pocket Comb John Allan’s Blu Classic Hair Pomade John Allan’s Matte Hair Pomade John Allan’s Sport […]

Win a Complete Hair Style Kit with Fendrihan’s Slick for ...

One of our most-requested out-of-stock items in the last few months have been the Junichi Tanaka shaving scuttles. And every time a customer calls in asking when we’ll have more of these wonderful scuttles, we have to give the same reply: we don’t know! The reason for this frustrating response […]

Junichi Tanaka Artisanal Shaving Scuttles Bring Class and Originality

5 Steps to Protecting Your Shaving Brush
  For a lot of people, the shaving brush is an integral part of their shaving experience. Its ability to hold water, produce lather, and caress the face can make or break the shave. There’s a good reason why many of our customers eventually work their way up to expensive, […]

5 Steps for Maintaining your Shaving Brush

Scissors skills you need to trim your beard Trimming your beard with scissors isn’t easy – it takes time and patience to master the art. You need the right tools, and given the hard to reach areas around the moustache and under the chin, a steady hand as well. You […]

Scissors skills you need to trim your beard

5 Steps to Growing the Perfect Beard
Men grow beards, always have, always will. Some appear to do it with effortless ease, while for others it may be more of a struggle. Some men are blessed with super beard growing genes, while others struggle with patchy beards or other beard growing issues. However, regardless of your ability […]

5 steps to Growing the Perfect Beard (For Beginners)