Men all over the globe shave with either a soap or a cream, yet many don’t know the real difference between the two. So, what is the difference? Is one better than the other? Below, we explore this question, so that you’ll have an easier time choosing which one best […]

Shaving Cream versus Shaving Soap

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Having never travelled to continental Europe before, I’d collected a series of impressions most scraped from those around me. With family in England, I’d often been there. Perched on the edge of the continent, the English watch their European cousins with what seems like bemusement and a mild contempt. And […]

A Canadian in Europe Part 1: Switzerland and France

As Jason Racz once said, “Bald is the new black.” While many might disagree with this confident claim, many gentlemen have embraced the bare-headed look. Male pattern baldness results from a genetic predisposition, and the hair loss is the product of male sex hormones. Typically, you’ll see a receding hairline […]

How To Handle Baldness Like A Man

The backbone of all things living, carbon abounds in the human body: it makes up roughly twenty percent of the body’s total chemical composition and fulfills almost an endless number of roles. Its uniquely high bonding capacity results in multitudinous organic and inorganic carbon forms, one of which is charcoal. […]

Charcoal: Nature’s Cleanser

As a company whose main focus was men’s skincare, Brickell’s founder, Josh Meyer had to devote months of his time toward skin-health research. The business idea was spawned when Meyer’s significant other drew his attention to small wrinkles forming around his eyes; at the time, Meyer was only in his […]

Brickell: The Unrivaled Anti-Aging Cream

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An old-fashioned tradition, straight razor shaving was once a professional service confined to the barbershop. Men would visit the barber for a haircut and receive a straight razor shave along with it. The old practice moved into the home, but was overshadowed by the safety razor, and, later on, by […]

How to Shave with a Straight Razor

We’re not ones to cry over spilled milk, but we did shed some light tears of laughter reading some of your responses to our Thiers Issard straight razor giveaway contest. We’ve looked through all of your replies, and hand-picked some of the greatest responses—Check them out!   Winner: Best Marriage […]

We’re not ones to cry over spilled milk: Fendrihan Contest ...

The world of wet-shaving can be overwhelming to newcomers: distinguishing between razors requires some technical expertise, and sifting through all the oils, creams, and soaps is a recipe for decision fatigue. Not only that, but there’s a horde of lifestyle items that, to the new shopper, may all look the […]

Fendrihan Staff Favourites

Down in Miami, where bright, clear days abound, it takes a special strength of the will to resist becoming an avid sun-worshipper. Brickell company founder, Josh Meyer, who grew up under the golden Miami sun, was shocked the first time his girlfriend pointed to fine wrinkles forming on his face. At the […]

Brickell: An Innovative Men’s Skincare Company

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Purchasing a luxury grooming accessory is always a pleasant experience: the smooth feel in your hands, the striking visual design. But it’s also rewarding because you’ve just invested in a tool that’s built to last. With environmental urgencies at the fore of our collective conscience, it feels good to foster […]

The Spartan Bathroom: Low-Waste Living

The benefits of wet shaving are well-established: safety razors are more economical, they cause less skin irritation, provide a closer shave, they’re easier to clean, and they’re better for the environment. So why on earth have only men been using them? If women started wet shaving, we could have another […]

Women Are Wet-Shaving