You’ve decided to make the switch to wet shaving and have all your new and handsome supplies laid out on the bathroom counter. You’ve done your research and have thoroughly prepared your skin with a  pre-shave product. You’re ready for your first shave but have hit a roadblock at the […]

5 Simple Steps for a Perfect Lather

“Time does not deprive, it enriches.”  -Marco Campomaggi, Founder, Campomaggi This is the philosophy behind the unique and luxurious Italian Campomaggi brand. Founded in 1990, the brand has made a significant impact in the fashion world thanks to its trademark distressed leather bag collection. Inspired by the past and used items, […]

Product Spotlight: The Campomaggi Bag

About this time of year, with February on the horizon, and the promise of more snow and colder temperatures, you might be planning to escape to warmer, sunnier climates. Or not. Some of us aren’t so lucky, but have found a way to cope with the winter blues by incorporating […]

A Sub-Zero Tropical Paradise

If you are in search of that perfect shave, browsing our collection of Blades and Blade Samplers is a great way to find the best blade for your skin. As most double edge safety razors won’t include razor blades, samplers are a great, cost-effective way to personalize your shaving experience. Finding the […]

Choosing the Right Blades

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably suffered from “pseudofolliculitis barbae” at some point in your life. Otherwise known as razor burn, this common skin condition occurs when a hair begins growing inwardly, rather than outside the skin. Besides looking like acne, razor burn can be painful and uncomfortable. […]

5 Easy Ways to Say Good-Bye to Razor Burn

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d give some tips to help those last-minute shoppers. Check out some unique gift ideas for the man in your life. Rockwell Alum Matchsticks, 1 book – $4.00 To sooth nicks and cuts, the Rockwell Alum Matchsticks are a convenient tool for […]

Holiday Gift Ideas, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving America We have many things to be thankful for, including our fantastic American neighbors. We’re giving away SEVEN prize packs to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Each prize will be different and feature great products from a few different brands. We’ll even throw in some Fendrihan swag and package it in a […]

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Buttery, soft, supple – ah, words that describe leather – there’s also top grain, full-grain, or genuine. There are different kinds and types of leather that are best used for certain needs, like clothing, bags, and shaving strops. Tan Your Hide There are two main tanning processes: chrome and vegetable. […]

A Look into Leather; Differences in Style and Type

Fountain pens offer so much more diversity than regular ballpoint pens; you can change up the nib styles and widths, and switch ink colours quickly. Unlike ballpoints that will work at pretty much any angle when writing, fountain pens require a little more precision since they involve a gentler hand. […]

How to Write With a Fountain Pen Without Making a ...

How often do we get good things in the mail? Hardly ever anymore, now that pen pals are a thing of the past – unless you subscribe to a shaving club. Then you find yourself excited to crack open the mailbox. Shaving clubs are a pretty convenient way to automatically […]

Harry’s vs Dollar Shave Club, and More: Which Shaving Club ...

So you’ve decided you need something other than a money clip – something to house your dollar bills, credit cards, a handful of loose change, maybe a small stack of business cards too. Or maybe you want to replace the duct tape wallet your kid made you for Father’s Day […]

How to Choose the Right Wallet for Your Lifestyle

Happy Thanksgiving Canada. Joyeuse Action de Grâce Canada. We’re SO thankful for all of our wonderful customers. We’d like to express our gratitude by giving away SEVEN amazing prize packs. Each prize will be different and feature great products from a few different brands. We’ll even throw in some Fendrihan swag and […]

Happy Thanksgiving CANADA!