One of the things we love most about wet shaving is how connected it can make us feel to the past. Men have been shaving with safety razors for over 100 years. It’s likely that most of our dads, granddads, and great granddads learned to shave on something very similar […]

How to Restore a Vintage Safety Razor

The amazing thing about visiting Paris is the many faces of the city. While most of our time was taken up with shaving-related explorations, and for the travel between those shaving events, on the last night we took the opportunity to the “real” Paris, the city of the people who […]

We’ll always have shaving in Paris: Part 3

Get that old-fashioned clean close shave…. on your legs and other parts. So you’ve probably never set foot in a barber shop and maybe the last time you saw a classy three-piece shaving kit was on Grandpa’s bathroom counter. Women want as close a shave as guys do, but on […]

Safety Razors for Women: A How-To Guide

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One of the first thing a new wet shaving enthusiast often notices is the extreme selection available to him. Luckily for us, dozens of companies now make razors in all shapes, sizes, and levels of aggressiveness. But when that multiplicity of choice starts to overwhelm us, it can be hard to […]

Open or Closed Comb: Choosing a Safety Razor

Although our trip to Paris was primarily for the business of shaving, it’s impossible to visit the City of Lights and not get carried away in Awe of the buildings there. See part 1 here. Up close and personal with the famous Notre Dame de Paris.   Kilometre Zero of the […]

We’ll always have shaving in Paris: Part 2

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Men’s hair matters to a lot of us. It’s part of the first impression we make, and there’s a reason why the perfect pomade, gel, or wax is so sought-after. But when it comes to health and care, men’s hair often doesn’t get the same attention women’s hair does. After […]

Health Myths #273: Should men shampoo daily?

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In the latest part of our quest to bring the world’s best shaving accessories home, Fendrihan took a trip to Paris. Perhaps it isn’t surprising to note that the famous capital of France is home to an amazing selection of razors. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things […]

We’ll always have shaving in Paris

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One of the most confusing thing about modern hair products is their multiplicity: there’s just so many of them! How can you possibly tell which one is right for you? Hair is an important part of your general appearance, and styling products are expensive, so it’s worth taking the time […]

Gel vs Pomade vs Wax vs Hair Cream vs Hair ...

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We love to surf the shaving forums. They’re a great place to connect with all the other shaving enthusiasts who share our passion. And one of the things we see over and over are photographs of brushes with a thick, rich lather. It’s great! But is it necessary? How thick […]

Health Myths #182: More lather means a better shave

We’ve already written about the best way to choose a razor blade for your double edged safety razor here, but it’s a topic worth revisiting, because the razor is such an integral part of your shave. And there’s always more to say! We’ve compiled some of our most frequently received […]

Safety Razor Blade Frequently Asked Questions

The folks over at Taylor’s Eye Witness have an incredible story to tell. First registered in 1838, they’re closing in on two hundred years of history. And the name is as unique as the product. What does Eye Witness mean? Well, it was inspired by a line in Shakespear’s Henry […]

Taylor’s Eye Witness English Knives

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For a lot of us, George Castanza included, the shower represents more than just a place to cleanse our body. It’s a one-stop-shop for our morning ablutions. Shampooing? Check. Shaving? No problem. Peeing? Why not. Wait, what? According to a recent poll, over 80% of people pee in the shower. […]

Health Myths #87: Peeing in the Shower