Kent Brushes: Handcrafted Hair Brushes and Shaving Brushes

March 6th, 2014 § 0

Kent Brushes began with GB Kent and Sons and it’s now the oldest known hair brush maker in the world. The company started making their prestigious handcrafted brushes over 236 years ago in 1777 during the reign of King George III, and continues to be one of the oldest and most venerable companies in Britain.

The high regard of these luxury brushes has ensured that Kent has received the Royal Warrant which allows the company to bear the royal coat of arms. This means the company supplies its wares to the either the sovereign or a member of the royal family.

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Klar Seifen in Pictures (III): Company Values

August 24th, 2012 § 0

Every company needs a set of strong values which gives character and identity to the products  manufactured. The soap masters from Klar Heidelberg aimed for both traditional recipes as well as for innovative formulas. Even with a focus on both old and new, their guide of values seems to have been the adequate one embodying the love for soap for five generations now.

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Klar Seifen in Pictures (II): Manufacturing Process

August 23rd, 2012 § 0

With a myriad of exclusive soap products, the experts of Klar maintained the successful recipe of 1840 and expanded on their traditional concept. Located in Heidelberg, the oldest soap manufacturer of Germany creates luxurious fine soaps, liquid soaps, hair & body shampoos as well as peeling and body oils.

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Klar Seifen in Pictures (I): History

August 21st, 2012 § 0

Known as Germany’s oldest company in producing soap, Klar has maintained a reputation where quality as well as traditional recipes are highly valued. For longer than 170 years, the German soap experts at Klar have chosen only the finest ingredients able to offer customers an unforgettable cleansing experience. » Read the rest of this entry «

Musgo Real Men’s Shaving and Grooming Products: From Portugal to Your Door

August 14th, 2012 § 0

Musgo Real is a brand of fine men’s grooming products from Portugal that originated in the 1920s. The brand was created specifically for the aristocracy by the Claus & Schweder company, which has been around since 1887. Today, these products are available to the masses, but they can be challenging to find. Fortunately, Canadian shaving store Fendrihan carries a variety of offerings by Musgo Real including shaving soap, shaving cream, after shave splash, after shave balm, pre-shave oil, pre-shave soap, shampoo and shower gel, cologne and soap on a rope. You can easily order online from Fendrihan and have Musgo Real shaving and grooming products for men delivered directly to your door.  » Read the rest of this entry «

Speick Combines Exclusive Extract With Natural Ingredients in Superior Products

June 25th, 2012 § 0

Speick is a German company with a rich history that dates back more than eight decades to the 1920s. This well-respected company focuses on high quality products that contain natural ingredients like Valeriana celtica, a medicinal plant also known as Speick. The company was named for this plant, which was recognized for its medicinal properties as early as the 10th century. Valeriana celtica, or Speick, has always been painstakingly harvested by hand. Speick continues that tradition by using only Valeriana celtica plants that were manually harvested by farmers in Carinthia, Austria in limited quantities. This company has the unique distinction of being the only one that uses Valeriana celtica extract in its natural cosmetics. Speick is not the first to recognize the benefits of this extract for skin care; Egyptians used it for the same purpose more than 2,500 years ago.

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Perfect Time for a Change: eShave’s After Shave Soothers

June 21st, 2012 § 0

Looking for a new aftershave lotion? Your timing is fantastic, as Men’s Health just released its 2012 Grooming Awards in the June issue. Heading the list of Best Post Shave Lotion of the Year is one of our recent favourites—eShave’s After Shave Soothers.

eShave Aftershave Soothers featured on the June Issue of Men’s Health Magazine

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The Golden Head Colorado Collection of Leather Accessories: Rocky Mountain Majesty Meets European Design

March 27th, 2012 § 0

Luminous colors: glowing bronze, richly wine-hued purples deepening into softly silky sable and obsidian. The stunning natural palette of the Colorado Rockies inspires a rugged yet elegant collection of fine leather accessories for discerning men everywhere from Golden Head, German leather-crafting artists and experts. Distinctively grained and precisely designed, the Colorado Collection creates a connection between the untamed beauty of the wide open spaces and precipitous heights of the Rockies and the luscious and lithesome leathers of Golden Head.

Golden Head Colorado Billfold Leather Wallet with Coin Purse in Tobacco

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Taylor of Old Bond Street: luxury, quality, and understated class

March 22nd, 2012 § 1

Since 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street have ensured the gentlemen of London — wherever they may travel — look their elegant and well-groomed best. Bond Street has been at the heart of classic, timeless elegance since the late 17th century, and Taylor of Old Bond Street offer especially high quality, natural personal grooming products. Located in a part of London that has been classically fashionable for over 150 years, where the streets are elegant and the gentlemen’s clubs numerous, the brand is synonymous with luxury, quality, and understated class, and popular throughout the world.

Whether customers are looking for shaving brushes and accessories, razors, mirrors, combs and hair brushes, or talcs, soaps, oils, aftershaves and colognes, Taylor of Old Bond Street has a product to suit.

Taylor of Old Bond Street tooth brush, hair & body shampoo, and shaving stick

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Heinrich L. Thäter: Silver-Tip Brushes Take the Gold

March 15th, 2012 § 0

Although in a state of continual metamorphosis when it comes to their logos, the German company Heinrich L. Thäter never alters its key attribute: the exquisite quality of their products. Encompassing the slogan ”Times and Tastes May Change, Yet Quality Always Endures,’’ the ultimate shaving-brush crafter Heinrich L. Thäter has put Nürnberg at the center of the wet-shaving map.

Cherishing the family tradition of “Nothing But The Finest,” the artisans at Heinrich L. Thäter maintain the highest standards by using premium materials and proven methods to produce the best shaving brushes possible. In the hands of these masters, the essential wet-shaving tool is transformed into a rare gem: flexible, beautiful and extremely effective.

Since 1913, Heinrich L. Thäter has offered shaving tools that are a step above exceptional. Pride in both appearance and performance is obvious in every facet of the execution of the company’s brushes. Small, but handsome, the Thäter pieces range from the 92 mm to 124 mm in overall height. Perfection arrives when 14,000 strands of the most expensive grade of badger hair are carefully shaped by hand.

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