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British grooming purveyor Erasmic has specialized in shaving preparations since the 1880s. Their shaving soaps and creams are enriched with the moisturizing properties of coconut oil and glycerin to offer the smoothest of shaves. Erasmic has a traditional scent, and a traditional composition; you won’t find in here the myriad […]

Erasmic Shaving Soap & Creams

Bay rum is a distillate made from the leaves of the West Indian bay tree, via maceration in some kind of rum. This classic grooming product has traditionally been used as a cologne, aftershave, astringent and deodorant. Dominica Bay Rum is produced from the finest ingredients, following a centuries-old tradition. […]

Dominica Bay Rum

Cyril R. Salter shaving creams are back in stock with new additions. We have added two new fragrances: Classic Almond and Wild Rose, to our original line-up, which was comprised of Essential Lime, French Vetiver, Fresh Mint, Indian Sandalwood and Sublime Citrus shaving creams. Cyril R. Salter marries strict quality […]

Cyril R. Salter Shaving Creams

Kent of UK may be renowned for their luxurious shaving brushes, but they are also the manufacturers of a wealth of fine hair-care tools. These combs and hair brushes are carefully hand made out of natural materials to provide the most gentle care for the hair and scalp of the […]

Care for your Hair with Kent