Fendrihan Featured in SHARP’s Book For Men

Fendrihan Featured in SHARP’s Book For Men

The Fall/Winter 2010 Book For Men, edited by SHARP Magazine For Men, is an authoritative book on style, accessories, automobiles, advice, watches, suits, and everyday trends for the modern man. Its 193 pages are filled with everything a man desires, but it also serves as an essential reference guide. A section called the MANual includes topics such as A Brief Guide to Grooming, The Daily Shaving Checklist, A History of Shaving and How To Shave With a Straight Razor.

The editorial MAINTENANCE features grooming essentials straight from Fendrihan‘s shelves, such as Geo F. Trumper’s Sandalwood Skin Food and Edwin Jagger Triple-Plated DE Razor. Robert Near elucidates about them:

[…] Edwin Jagger’s triple-plated (copper, nickel and blue-white chrome) double-edge razor hearkens back to the motherland. Handmade in Sheffield, England, the razor’s grooved exterior provides an easy grip, even when wet. A heavier razor, it naturally applies the correct amount of pressure to your neck. Finish your shave with a similarly historic English brand, Geo F. Trumper, and its Sandalwood Skin Food. A slick, glycerin-packed liquid that sinks into your skin, moisturizing and firming it, while warding off in-grown hairs.

SHARP lists Fendrihan as the place to stock up on D. R. Harris & Co., Edwin Jagger and Geo F. Trumper.

You can order the Book For Men or find a retailer here.