SHARP, Fendrihan and Grooming 101

SHARP, Fendrihan and Grooming 101

Today’s myriad choices of products and services targeted at men might seem daunting to navigate. There seems to be a concoction for just about anything; so where to start?

Sharp Magazine For Men tries to make sense of it all in its November 2010 issue. Grooming Editor Leo Petaccia writes:

…as crucial as it is to know which shampoos curb baldness or the difference between pomade and wax, so is a good grasp of the basics: a straight razor shave, a clean haircut, a barber you can vent to, that sort of thing. If you can strike a balance between the old school and the new school, then you’re a step ahead of the curve.

Their editorial How a Man Should Groom covers all the essentials: barbershops, hair cuts and hair products, basic grooming tools and techniques, what makes a great shaving cream, the best face products, how to pick your perfect scent, as well as body and winter grooming. And Fendrihan’s select grooming products are featured throughout as pivotal choices.

Here are Sharp’s picks for the quintessential grooming tool kit:

  1. Thiers Issard 5/8″ Le Thiernois Straight Razor
  2. Illinois Razor Strop Co. 361 Hanging Razor Strop
  3. Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer
  4. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Scissors
  5. Taylor of Old Bond Street All-Natural Classic Toothbrush
  6. H.L. Thater Silvertip Shaving Brush, 22 mm
  7. Cyril R. Salter Pearwood Pure Bristle Nail Brush
  8. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers

Their article The Chemistry of Common Shaving looks at what makes the cream of the crop when it comes to shaving creams:

All shaving creams use a variety of common ingredients to achieve their intended purpose. Where the difference comes in are the complements, the “extra” ingredients that give the creams the extra level of quality. High-end creams emphasize quality chemicals.

Canadian-based the Gentlemen’s Refinery and J.M. Fraser are both fine examples of this quality approach. Fraser uses high-grade coconut oil in their shaving creams. The G.R. Black Ice shave cream is glycerine-based, which gives it a nice glide. Certified organic bergamot oil is used to soften the beard and soothe the skin. Organic basil and anise evoke the scent of Sambuca. These essential oils come alive while you shave, but they wash off, letting you use other fragrances for your after shave ritual.

Sharp’s picks for The Best Face Products include Edwin Jagger Moisturizing Aftershave Lotion and Baxter of California Clarifying Clay Mask.