The Golden Head Colorado Collection of Leather Accessories: Rocky Mountain Majesty Meets European Design

March 27th, 2012 § 0

Luminous colors: glowing bronze, richly wine-hued purples deepening into softly silky sable and obsidian. The stunning natural palette of the Colorado Rockies inspires a rugged yet elegant collection of fine leather accessories for discerning men everywhere from Golden Head, German leather-crafting artists and experts. Distinctively grained and precisely designed, the Colorado Collection creates a connection between the untamed beauty of the wide open spaces and precipitous heights of the Rockies and the luscious and lithesome leathers of Golden Head.

Golden Head Colorado Billfold Leather Wallet with Coin Purse in Tobacco

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Taylor of Old Bond Street: luxury, quality, and understated class

March 22nd, 2012 § 1

Since 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street have ensured the gentlemen of London — wherever they may travel — look their elegant and well-groomed best. Bond Street has been at the heart of classic, timeless elegance since the late 17th century, and Taylor of Old Bond Street offer especially high quality, natural personal grooming products. Located in a part of London that has been classically fashionable for over 150 years, where the streets are elegant and the gentlemen’s clubs numerous, the brand is synonymous with luxury, quality, and understated class, and popular throughout the world.

Whether customers are looking for shaving brushes and accessories, razors, mirrors, combs and hair brushes, or talcs, soaps, oils, aftershaves and colognes, Taylor of Old Bond Street has a product to suit.

Taylor of Old Bond Street tooth brush, hair & body shampoo, and shaving stick

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Heinrich L. Thäter: Silver-Tip Brushes Take the Gold

March 15th, 2012 § 0

Although in a state of continual metamorphosis when it comes to their logos, the German company Heinrich L. Thäter never alters its key attribute: the exquisite quality of their products. Encompassing the slogan ”Times and Tastes May Change, Yet Quality Always Endures,’’ the ultimate shaving-brush crafter Heinrich L. Thäter has put Nürnberg at the center of the wet-shaving map.

Cherishing the family tradition of “Nothing But The Finest,” the artisans at Heinrich L. Thäter maintain the highest standards by using premium materials and proven methods to produce the best shaving brushes possible. In the hands of these masters, the essential wet-shaving tool is transformed into a rare gem: flexible, beautiful and extremely effective.

Since 1913, Heinrich L. Thäter has offered shaving tools that are a step above exceptional. Pride in both appearance and performance is obvious in every facet of the execution of the company’s brushes. Small, but handsome, the Thäter pieces range from the 92 mm to 124 mm in overall height. Perfection arrives when 14,000 strands of the most expensive grade of badger hair are carefully shaped by hand.

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Alt Innsbruck: Fresh from the Austrian Alps

March 12th, 2012 § 0

Conceived and nurtured in the heart of the Tirol, the refined products of Alt Innsbruck are as fresh and pure as the surrounding snow-capped Alps. Alt Innsbruck’s intoxicatingly aromatic fragrance is full with Virginia tobacco, rich and nostalgic and reminiscent of a deep breath of an antique humidor brimming with the finest hand-wrapped cigars. A crisp, yet harmonious, note of icy menthol cools and refreshes, balancing the aroma perfectly.

Available in Pre- and After Shaving Emulsions, Colognes and Aftershaves, this irresistibly manly scent was formulated carefully in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a master Austrian druggist, Franz Gatterer. Herr Gatterer created a rare classic, a bracing measure of cooling menthol followed by the light but authoritative ambiance of the tobacco and its flower. Its two-note fragrance is clear yet complex, lingering yet never cloying.

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Head to the Highlands: Castle Forbes

March 8th, 2012 § 0

Crisp, fresh and exhilarating, Castle Forbes premium products for men lead you deep into the Scottish Highlands to discover inspiration for your unique grooming needs. Crafted on the grounds of the Castle Forbes estate, Jinny Forbes and her husband, Malcolm, Master of Forbes, share a life-long love of their wild and fiercely beautiful natural surroundings and ancient Highland traditions through their quality line of men’s skin care and shaving products. Six centuries of Clan Forbes nobility have graced the Castle Forbes estate, the ambiance of which is now yours to enjoy.

Castle Forbes, an estate-based crafter of superlative grooming products for men.

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Badger Brush Basics: When You Need a Deeper Clean

March 5th, 2012 § 0

Life is full of vagaries. The quality of light at the villa in Tuscany was ethereal, but the water was mineral-filled. The cleaning staff at the hotel on your last business trip thoughtfully repacked your dopp kit for you, but before your shaving brush was dry. The endless winter is over, but a recent humid spell is making the entire bathroom a bit damp — and a little “fragrant.” The long-awaited wedding of your closest friend is tomorrow, but your favorite shaving soap is hundreds of miles away, necessitating an emergency run to the drugstore for an inferior replacement.

Shaving brush

Badger hair shaving brushes are made from hair that is quite similar to human hair. Photo by Marco Arment.

Time, accidents and choices can wear on the badger shaving brush you long coveted and now treasure. Although a closely-followed daily cleaning routine usually can keep your brush in fine lathering fettle, water hardness, humidity, improper storage and certain shaving products can cause brush failure. Stiffened or crooked hair or a growing soap-scum ring are signs you may need to deep clean your brush. And, the unmentionable, but quite possible, mildew or begins of mold on the handle or base of the hairs — not on the brush you use on your face! Take a deep breath, never fear, as you probably have exactly the ingredients for a rejuvenating shaving brush spa treatment in your kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

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Badger Brush Basics: Protect With Proper Care

March 3rd, 2012 § 2

You carefully considered and researched your investment in a high-quality badger shaving brush. Lathering techniques are well on their way to being mastered; you have cast not one look back to the hissing of the abandoned aerosol can. Although the wet-shaving course you’ve so eagerly begun is becoming routine, your daily pleasure in the procedure grows as quickly as your new-found competence. That badger brush is your partner in this new adventure, caring for your skin in a way you’ve never before experienced. It is past time to learn how to keep your partner up to the challenge of smoothing your way through your daily grooming.

il pennello da barba

Lather with care, then rinse and dry properly to prolong your brush’s life. (Image by Luca Boldrini)

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Serious Skincare Simplified: Nickel For Men

March 1st, 2012 § 0

In 1996, Philippe Dumont launched Nickel Spa For Men in Paris, seeking to fulfill a simple vision: provide a high quality, supportive environment where men can find their inner and outer beauty. Over a decade later, Nickel Spa for Men has three international locations in Paris, London and New York devoted to guiding men on their quest for beauty. Straightforward spa services and fantastic skin care products are the backbone of the Nickel Spas For Men. An easy-to-navigate website brings cutting edge skin care products to men who value well-crafted skin products and are unafraid to use them.

For a Man, By a Man
Nickel for Men features its own signature line of extremely effective and innovative products for no-nonsense skin care for men. Crisp scents and sturdy packaging help define what Nickel offers its male customers: generously sized products that encourage total immersion in the benefits of the formulations. Developed with a man’s skin in mind, Nickel’s products help manage the challenges of male skin, from its relative thickness to the daily trials shaving, sports and working present. Individuals using Nickel’s products can relax, assured that all necessary steps have been taken to tailor the skin care regimen to real men like them.

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