Scissors skills you need to trim your beard

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how to trim your beard with scissors

Scissors skills you need to trim your beard

Trimming your beard with scissors isn’t easy – it takes time and patience to master the art. You need the right tools, and given the hard to reach areas around the moustache and under the chin, a steady hand as well. You may make mistakes along the way, that happens to the best beardsmen, but like anything, over time and with practice, you’ll become a scissor master and enjoy the most accurate trimming results possible.

Don’t skimp on the scissors

Scissors at Fendrihan

 Scissors will be your primary tool for creating a neat and stylish beard and moustache, so don’t go for a cheap pair. Avoid scissors that may rust or have imperfections that can pull at your skin resulting in an uncomfortable and inaccurate trimming experience. And whatever you do, avoid kitchen scissors or garden shears like the plague, the hassle is simply not worth the risk. Trimming your beard and moustache with scissors is a delicate job, so make sure yours are top quality.

Treat your beard like a beard

Bluebeards Original Beard Saver

Preparing your beard is the first vital step, after ensuring you have a great pair of scissors, to enjoying a great trimming experience. The hair on your face is vastly different to the hair on your head, so whatever you do, don’t wash your beard with hair shampoo and conditioner. The result will be dry skin and clogged pores, which are counterproductive, so always use a beard shampoo and conditioner.

After washing your beard, don’t even think about trimming it until it’s completely dry. Use a towel and hairdryer if you need to trim straight away, or wait for it to air dry naturally. As your beard hair dries it will contract slightly, so trimming while damp may result in a shorter trim than expected once the beard dries.

Final pre-trim step

For some this is the best part of beard maintenance. Grab a beard brush or comb and brush down the hair in the direction it naturally goes. Then comb it out in the opposite direction to puff it out, before finally combing it down again. Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied all of the hairs are out and available to be trimmed, and you’ve had enough of the awesome feeling a good beard brushing provides!

Let’s get started!

The best way to trim your beard and moustache is with a great pair of scissors and a comb. Hairdressers and barbers use combs to help ensure they maintain an even length in the hair during the cutting and trimming process, and you should do the same.

The best place to start trimming your beard is along the jaw line and cheek area. Insert the comb from the jaw line up and into the beard, and trim the desired amount that is protruding through the teeth of the comb. Be careful not to trim too much off; you can always trim more off if it’s still too long, but you can’t replace it if you cut too much away! Keep trimming both sides of your face from the ear down to the outer edge of the chin area until you’re happy with the length. Give your face a comb to ensure you’ve got every hair and there aren’t any stragglers.

The moustache and chin can be tricky!

This is where your steady hand will play a major role in creating a stylish, even beard and moustache. There are lots of angles to work with in this region, so take your time and get it right, especially if you’re new to using scissors to trim. Start by brushing all of the hairs in your moustache down, then insert the comb from the top lip up and into the body of the moustache and trim just the ends. Comb the hairs down again and trim the ends of the hairs that protrude below the top lip freehand. Once you’re happy with the moustache, repeat the process for the chin. Comb the hairs down, insert the comb from underneath the chin into the body of the hairs, and trim just the ends until you’re happy with the length.

Now for the neck!

Shaving Your Neck with a Good Razor

This is a delicate area to trim with scissors because one small mistake could mean a cut to the skin. A steady hand is required to trim the hairs close to the skin without causing any damage, so if you wish to go down this path, be careful. Use the comb to guide you along the way, and trim slowly and carefully until you get the hang of it.

Alternatively, a good beard trimmer is a great option as it’s faster, safer and you still get an accurate trim. Use the guides to ensure you trim your neck hair to the desired length, and then grab your safety razor or straight razor to shave any hair from the top of your Adam’s Apple down. Don’t make the mistake of shaving all of your neck hair off, or not shaving any at all, so you need to find the right balance.

The finishing touches

When you think you’re done give your beard a good brush down to ensure there aren’t any stray hairs that have escaped the scissors. Brushing your beard at the end will also remove any trimmed hairs that have been caught up in the beard that could result in ingrown hairs and other irritations. Apply a few drops of beard oil or beard balm to give your beard a nice healthy glow while moisturizing the hairs and face.

Time to show the world

Now that you’ve trimmed that awesome beard into a style that perfectly compliments the shape of your face and the way your beard grows, it’s time to stand tall, pin the shoulders back, puff the chest out, get outside and conquer the world. After all, there’s no point in growing a magnificent beard if you’re going to stay at home. So get out there and enjoy the envious and admiring glances that are certain to come your way!

How to get rid of beard itch

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Ask any man why they gave up growing a beard and almost every one of them will give you the same answer – beard itch. Never mind the awesome beard that’s awaiting them, they just couldn’t stand the irritation for those few uncomfortable days. If you’ve grown a beard before, you’ll understand what it’s like for someone new to get through it. However, you’ll also understand that the rewards are well worth the momentary period of discomfort.

Have you got it? Set your beard up right.

Have you got it? Set your beard up right.


As you grow your beard, the ends curl and either start growing back towards your face, or lay down on your skin. The ends of your whiskers are sharp and pointy thanks to your razor cutting them at an angle. The discomfort you feel is when those ends make it back and start poking you in the face, causing you to scratch. Excessive scratching can turn your face red, even into a rash for some, and it’s at this point that some men head straight for the bathroom and shave the growth off. However, with a little patience and willpower, those ends will soften and become dull as the beard grows out.


 Long gone are the days when you just had to ride it out like our forefathers. We’ve come a long way, and there are many beard growing and maintenance products that ensure we can grow the best beard possible. It’s vital we take the time to understand how we not only grow a great beard, but keep it healthy and vibrant as well.

Clean your beard

Beards are robust, but still need a little TLC every day. They are at the forefront of many daily activities, resulting in foreign and natural objects becoming trapped within. These objects, such as dead skin cells, rogue hairs, daily grime, and body oils can cause irritation to the skin if left to move about and fester. To take care of your beard and keep it clean, you’ll need proper soap and shampoo designed especially for beards. Hair on your head is different to hair on your face, and regular shampoo can dry your skin and clog your pores. So don’t use it – it’ll do more damage than good.

Replace the nutrients

Moisture and nutrients can be lost during the cleaning process, no matter what products you use. Proper beard soaps and shampoos will minimise this loss, but you’ll need a beard conditioner to replenish and invigorate the hair. Again, don’t use head hair conditioner for the same reasons you shouldn’t use head hair shampoos. Beard conditioner will make your beard soft again, reducing the impact of those pointy hairs poking at your skin, and your beard is less likely to tangle when it becomes longer and fuller.

Use beard oil or beard balm to moisturise

Applying beard oil is the best way to moisturise your beard. It will add weight, give it a lovely scent, and a nice sheen. Alternatively, using a beard balm is another excellent option, and the only way you’ll know which one is best for you is trying them for yourself during your daily routine. Moisturising is a non-negotiable; it simply must be done, no excuses.


 To maintain a clean and healthy beard, you should follow the above steps even after you’ve grown it to the desired length. However, for some men beard itch is still a concern even after they’ve grown it out. If this is the case for you, there are a couple steps you can take to relieve the irritation.

Remove ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common issue, even if you’ve gone to great lengths to maintain a healthy beard during the growing phase. Use a good pair of tweezers to remove the hairs, and if you don’t have a steady hand to do it yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Brush your beard

This should go without saying, but make sure you brush your beard hair regularly. As soon as you’ve got any sort of length in your beard hair, you should brush it regularly using a top quality beard brush or comb. This will train your hairs to grow in the desired direction, and provide it with some shape and style, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and whiskers poking you in the face. As an added bonus, brushing your beard feels absolutely incredible!


If you’re growing your beard and going through this irritating period, stay strong and ride it out. Just remember there are many men going through exactly the same discomfort, so don’t be one of those who shave it off if you really want to grow a beard. Most men are so happy once they get through this period, while others regret shaving it off as soon as they do it. Like most things in life, great rewards come after a little hard work, and beards are no different.

Shaving a coarse beard with sensitive skin

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So what do you do, go with a really sharp blade to shave the hair, that almost guarantees skin irritation? For instance a brand new Feather blade will cut through the coarse beard effortlessly, but you are bound to nick or cut yourself. Or do you go with a milder blade that doesn’t shave the hair as well, but is less likely to irritate the skin? » Read the rest of this entry «

How to make the perfect shaving soap lather in 5 steps

November 5th, 2014 Comments Off on How to make the perfect shaving soap lather in 5 steps

Wet shaving takes a time to master, but with patience and practice you can enhance what is already a fantastic shaving experience even further with these simple steps.

A well-crafted, rich and full lather will add another dimension to your morning or evening ritual, so the team here at Fendrihan HQ thoroughly recommend you make the effort to learn the skills outlined below to produce the optimum soapy blend.


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How to shave using a straight razor

October 23rd, 2014 Comments Off on How to shave using a straight razor

Until safety razors were invented in the 1900s, men used the straight razor for their shaving needs. Well, recently the straight razor has made a big comeback not only because you can get a good shave with this method, but the ritual is just as rewarding as the results. Also, facial hair has made a comeback, but men like to make sure it’s groomed and maintained properly. As such a straight razor is used to ensure the lines separating areas of facial here and smooth skin are well defined, and the contrast is as great as it can be.

Young man holding straight razorThe transition from using a safety razor to a straight razor can be tricky. Initially you may find your shaves are of a poorer quality than with a safety razor, and you will probably cut yourself at least once. But stick to it, because with practice you’ll be able to give yourself a far smoother shave than you can now. You’ll have complete control over the entire shaving experience, from preparing your razor and beard, to the actual shave itself. You’ll feel a million dollars from the moment you start the prep work until you’ve splashed on your favourite aftershave at the end. Follow this guide to get your straight razor career underway… » Read the rest of this entry «

I want to start using a straight razor, what should I do?

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