The Mother of Distinction

The Mother of Distinction

She does not stand so close now, but whenever you needed her steadying hand, she was there. Your every breath is now presumed, yet she remembers well when the gentle rise and fall of your chest was her only concern. Your nascent smile, the sharp-edged pearl of a budding tooth, rhythmic babbling evolving into the spoken word, unsteady balancing turning to a steady stride–all your firsts proud moments for her, yet bittersweet.

Each of your accomplishments marks a growing independence, inevitable if at first imperceptible. The moments crawl but the years fly for those who nurture. The little boy who clung tight to that capable and gentle hand squeezes hard and then lets go, making his own way in the world. The tight orbit that was parent and child expands every day as the boy becomes a man.

Yet the bond remains, invisible perhaps, but tangible to you two. The strength of the connection corresponds directly to the quality of your character. With such a loving foundation, one can do no less than build a formidable and complex personality, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of robust and meaningful life. Your life, well and truly lived.

Behind every man of distinction is the mother who faithfully protected, guided and, when the time was right, trusted she could watch with love and pride as you made your own path. On her day, honor her trust, love and pride by letting her know how important she is to you.

Happy Mothers Day.