Vacchetta leather care: well worth the effort

Vacchetta leather care: well worth the effort

Vacchetta leather is one of the most exquisite and desirable leathers available. Its rich, honey-gold color and soft, buttery texture speak of elegance and style.

Vacchetta leather is chosen from the finest part of the cowhide. It is tanned using vegetable dyes, which lend it the smooth texture that is its signature. The lovely golden color deepens over time by absorbing sunlight, so the more it is used, the more beautiful it becomes.

Normally in the finishing stage of leather treatment, the leather is rubbed with moisturizers and sealed with a coating that protects it from water damage, chemicals, cleaning supplies or scratches. Unfortunately, Vacchetta leather is not treated in this way, so the cost of its beautiful, glowing, golden color and its soft, supple texture is that it is much more susceptible to damage than other leathers.

Thus, because of its lack of protection, caring for Vacchetta leather accessories takes more time and effort than more inexpensive leathers. Below are several tips to keep your Vacchetta leather product looking its best.

Keep your vacchetta leather accessories away from water

  • Try not to place your Vacchetta leather item on the floor, and take care to keep it away from possible spills. As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  • Store your Vacchetta leather product in a cardboard box, a fabric bag, or other porous storage device that will let the item breathe. Do not store Vacchetta leather in a plastic bag.
  • Avoid touching the item with unwashed hands. Vacchetta leather can darken over time if repeatedly exposed to grease and sweat. To keep your leather product its lovely honey-gold color, take care to hold it with clean or gloved hands.
  • Lanolin will also cause Vacchetta leather to darken, so avoid products that contain lanolin, including most leather soaps and conditioners.
  • Dry stains are best removed by taking a neutral-colored pencil eraser and gently buffing out the stain.
  • Vacchetta leather is easily marked, so avoid situations where your leather product might be scratched or gouged.
  • Avoid folding the leather or putting tension on it. Do not place heavy items on top of it. The finish of Vacchetta leather can mar when placed under stress.

However, despite its high-maintenance status, Vacchetta leather is well worth the effort it requires. Treated properly, it will give you great service and stay looking lovely for years to come.

Water droplets image by Justin Taylor.