Manicure and Pedicure Tools Every Man Should Have

Manicure and Pedicure Tools Every Man Should Have

A man’s nail care routine basically consists of trimming, shaping, filing and the overall grooming of nails. While getting a mani-pedi may be perceived predominantly as something only the ladies would do, men need to equally pay attention to their nails. Male manicure however is more basic and usually skips any form of polishing. Manicures and pedicures are generally to keep nails strong and healthy to avoid them from chipping and breaking with sharp edges. It is also for hygienic purposes to keep nails always clean. A man’s nails also give strong impressions to others. Dirty finger nails are simply said a turn-off. Manicure and pedicure tools are not just used for nail care. They are also used for hair trimming for nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows.

Basic manicure and pedicure tools and what they are for

Listed below are the mani-pedi essentials every man should have and what they are for.

  • Nail Clipper. This manicure tool is used to cut fingernails and is part of any manicure kit. The basic rule of thumb is to cut your nails when they are more than one-eighth of an inch long. Otherwise, it is best to simply trim them with a nail file.Basic Manicure Tips for Men: Don’t clip your nails at the sides, instead just focus on the tips to make them look square. After which, soften the sharp edges with a nail file. Square nails looks more professional and masculine for men’s manicure.

  • Toenail Clipper. This pedicure tool is especially designed for clipping toenails and is the most essential pedicure equipment. They are slightly bigger and stronger than nail clippers to cut the bigger and thicker toenails with more ease. Also, toenail clippers always have a straight edge. If the clipper has a half-moon shape, it is a fingernail clipper.Basic Pedicure for Men Tips: Always cut your toenails in a straight line and never go too low the toe line to avoid ingrown nails. Your feet are some of the busiest parts of your body and your toenails are continuously subjected to your shoes and dirt which may wear them out. Avail of some quality pedicure products to take good care of them.
  • Nail File. The two sides of your nail file actually serve two very different purposes. The sand-paper like side is used to trim nails to a desired length. The smoother side, also known as nail buffer, is used to smoothen your nails and get rid of sharp edges.Basic Nail Filing Tips: Once you are happy with the length of your nails, use the rough side of the tool and place it under your nails and stroke them in one direction from the side to the center. Don’t rub the file back and forth. This will give your nails a natural-looking square shape. Then use the nail buffer and rub it gently on your nail tips in an outward direction to smoothen them and avoid them from splintering. 

  • Hair Trimmers. These grooming tools are used to trim hair in undesirable places such as the nose, ear and sometimes long, rowdy eyebrows. A good ear and nose hair trimmer performs effortlessly and ensures precise cutting with a secure hold for comfort and safety. The best nose hair trimmer is equipped with a precision rotary blade system for a clean finish.Tips for Hair Trimming for Men: Some men prefer to simply use hair trimming scissors but hair trimmers have the advantage of avoiding hurting the sensitive inner parts of your ears and nostrils.

  • Moustache Scissors. If you are sporting a moustache, this type of scissor is an important part of your grooming arsenal. Wet your moustache and soften it with facial soap and make it damp. Comb it downwards to see how much and where you must trim.Moustache Trimming Tips: The rule of thumb says to use your lip line as a guide to trimming your moustache. Also, remember not to trim too far up your lip line since your moustache will be a bit shorter once it is fully dry.

  • Tweezers. Although most men don’t tweeze their brows, some men may find it a necessity especially for those who have a unibrow. Tweezers are also used to remove stray hair anywhere on the face that you wish to remove. These tools can be painful and uncomfortable but if you do it right, the discomfort can be greatly avoided. First, sterilize your tweezers by dipping it in alcohol. Both place a warm cloth on your face or wash it with warm water to prep your skin for tweezing. Gently pull the skin area with two fingers and start tweezing eyebrows.Basic Tweezing Tip: Always tweeze one hair at a time. This will reduce pain and will result into a cleaner outcome. Slant tweezers are often more favored as compared to their straight counterparts.

Men’s Manicure and Pedicure Kits

To simplify the matter, it is best to avail of a manicure set. These sets contain the basic and most important tools that you will need for proper nail and grooming care. Men’s manicure sets are specifically designed for male needs and are a must-have for every gentleman.