Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic shaving brushes are soft, lightweight, and durable. With their rise in popularity, synthetic shaving brushes are becoming the preferred choice for many wet shavers. Many brands are now also offering quality synthetic alternatives to some of their most popular natural hair models. If you’ve never thought about using a synthetic shaving brush, we’re list a few of the ways synthetic brushes differ from natural shaving brushes, and why they’re quickly becoming shaving staples.


Synthetic shaving brushes use quality fibers to replicate the look and feel of natural shaving brushes. As a result, synthetic fiber bristles, many of which are Plisson-type fibers, are ultra-soft and have a texture similar to that of a high-end silvertip shaving brush. Along with its fast-drying properties, synthetic shaving brushes have several additional benefits that are particularly attractive to wet shavers. Synthetic brushes are:

Fendrihan’s Synthetic Shaving Brush


Synthetic shaving brushes compete with some of the best natural hair shaving brushes. Compared to natural hair shaving brushes, the high-performing brushes require less break-in time, shed less, and are said to have stronger knots. Additional features include:

  • Good water retention
  • Strong back bone
  • High-density bristles
  • Rich lathering with soap and cream

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If you’re looking for a new travel partner, a synthetic shaving brushes is ideal. Their ability to dry quickly means they don’t have to be left overnight to dry. Some travel synthetic shaving brushes have a ventilated lid a compact carrying cases, so they’ll continue to dry when stored away.

Fendrihan’s Black Anodized Aluminum Travel Shaving Brush with Silvertip Fibre

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