How to Minimize Ingrown Hairs

How to Minimize Ingrown Hairs

Small but mighty, and equally as painful, ingrown hairs are a common source of shaving discomfort. Extremely common, ingrown hairs are caused by hair that grows into ski rather than the surface of skin. They can be caused by shaving or clogged pores and are more common in those with coarse and curly hair.  

Minimizing Ingrown Hairs 

A simple way to reduce the frequency of ingrown hairs is by maintaining a proper cleansing routine. Daily face washing eliminates the buildup of oil and dirt, keeping pores open. Along with cleansing, there are other simple practices to follow.  


An exfoliating face wash or scrub works wonder if you often experience ingrown hairs. Along with cleansing, it removes dead skin and unclogs pores so hair can grow straight. Even minimal exfoliating a few times a week will improve your skin.  

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An improper shaving technique can be one of the biggest culprits of ingrown hairs. Improving your shaving technique significantly reduces the prevalence of ingrown hairs. The first step is to start with a good pre-shave routine. Applying an oil or cream before shaving softens skin and hair, making it easier for the razor to cut through.  

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Your shaving technique will also impact the amount of irritation you experience post-shave. Paying attention to which direction your hair grows will make it easier to follow the grain and avoid multiple passes across skin.  

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Lastly, the quality of your shaving tools significantly impacts the quality of your shave. In particular, the sharpness of your blade can play a role in preventing, or causing, ingrown hairs. Using a dull blade requires more passes against the skin, causing irritation. Know when to change your blade (usually every 3-5 shaves) to save your skin from unwanted inflammation and the formation of black heads.  

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