Shaving Tips for Coarse Hair

Shaving Tips for Coarse Hair

Shaving Tips for Coarse Hair 

Shaving coarse facial hair doesn’t have to be a painful experience. If you have coarse hair, your shaving routine should be pretty standard with only minor adjustments needed. You’ll want to ensure you’re preparing your skin and using the right kind of products. We’ve listed our top tips below. 

Prepare Skin 

Before you shave, you should be softening your skin and hair. Especially if you have coarse hair, you’ll want to leave on a pre-shave oil or cream for about five minutes to make hair easier to cut through. 

Use a Quality Cream or Soap 

Some shaving soaps and shaving creams are specially formulated for coarse hair. For example, the Proraso Red Line is designed to exfoliate and nourish so it helps remove ingrown hairs while softening skin during your shave. 

Proraso Red Collection.
Photo c/o Proraso USA

Use an Open Comb or Slant Safety Razor 

Open comb and slant safety razors have wider (open comb) or angled (slant) blade guards, which gives more space between the blade and guard, making the shave more aggressive. 

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Choose the Right Blade

You want to avoid multiple passes over the same area of skin. Blades should be sharp and changed every 3-5 shaves. Feather and Astra are some of the more aggressive blades you’ll want to keep on hand. 

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Don’t Rush!

Rushing through a shave almost guarantees you’ll end up with minor nicks and ingrown hairs. Plan your shave and take your time to ensure the best result.