Brand Profile: Feather Japan

Brand Profile: Feather Japan

The technical superiority of Feather Japan’s straight razor collection is sure to convert any disposable razor user to straight-razor shaving. 

Since 1932, the talented artisans at Feather have been crafting innovative and quality tools to deliver a close and smooth shave. Located in Osaka, Japan, Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd. leads all competing manufacturers of high-end shaving, medical, and industrial blades. 

Feather’s primary manufacturing plant is found in the “City of Cutlery,” Seko City, home to incredibly skilled craftsmen who designed and devised those most famous of ritual and fighting blades, the Samurai Swords. Steeped in this deep tradition and with reverence for quality cutting implements, Feather Japan mixes cutting-edge materials with innovative technology to deliver an exceptional shaving experience. 


Known for their accuracy and durability, some of Feather’s best-selling products include their double-edge safety razor blades and their prestigious AS-D2S Safety Razor. Their Artist Club Folding Razors and Japanese Straight Razors also offer modern tools based on traditional instruments. 

Using 316 stainless steel, Feather blades are some of the sharpest and most durable on the market. Many of their handles are crafted from heat and chemical resistant resin, giving the user a comfortable grip that lasts. 


The best selling Feather models are: 

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