Heavy Hitters – Heaviest Safety Razors

Heavy Hitters – Heaviest Safety Razors

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What’s the heaviest safety razor you’ve tried?

Safety razors range quite a bit in weight, depending on their design and materials used. Typically, you’ll find safety razors weigh between 60-100g (2-3.5 oz). This includes classics like the Merkur 34C, Edwin Jagger’s DE89, Feather’s AS-D2, and the Muhle R89.

For those wet-shavers that prefer something with a wider handle and more robust design, there are great heavier options.

Shaving with Heavy Razors

Heavy safety razors can be easier to shave with so they are good options for those new to wet-shaving. Because of their weight, less pressure is required during the shave which makes it easier for the blade to glide across skin. 

Fendrihan Dixon Safety Razor

It can be more challenging to cover creases and hard to reach areas with a larger model so it might be a good idea to have a lighter model on hand too. A slight adjustment in your shaving technique is needed when switching from a heavy to light razor and vice versa.

Those with larger hands also opt for a heavier razor as they find it more comfortable to shave with. If you’re interested in trying a heavier razor, we’ve listed the six heaviest safety razors in our collection below; 

Merkur43C148 g$95
FendrihanDixon143 g $32-$34
MerkurFutur135 g $115-$135
Parker98R121 g $40.95
Merkur38C120 g $69.50
Rockwell6S118 g$130

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  1. Have the 38C and Futur. Love them both!

    Armed with Feather blades, they are deadly on my coarse beard.

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