Fall Finds – Seasonal Favourites

Fall Finds – Seasonal Favourites

Crisp air and colourful foliage can only mean one thing- Fall is here! 
Swap out your summer grooming and shaving products for festive fall finds. Here’s our top fragrance pairings for fall. 

Green & Earthy 

Enjoy the unmistakable scent of fresh fall air with products that feature green and earthy notes. 

Warm Leather

Warm rich notes of leather are ideal for fall and are perfect to help transition from fall to winter. 

Traditional Apple 

Synonymous with fall, the sweet and inviting apple scent is found in more placed than you’d think. A number of brands have incorporated hints of apple into various grooming products for subtle sweetness. 

Uplifting Orange

From apples to oranges, a subdued version of the sweet citrus scent lends well to shaving creams and aftershaves and is a popular seasonal choice!