National Barber Day!

National Barber Day!

September 16th is National Barber Day – a day to recognize barbers and appreciate their work! 

How much do you know about barbers? Checkout the interesting facts below! 

Fun Facts

  • Dating back to the Bronze Age, the art of barbering was performed only by the most skilled individuals. 
  • ‘Barber’ is derived from the Roman (Latin) word ‘barba,’ meaning ‘beard.’
Mondial 1908 – Florence
  • Barbering services can be traced back to 5000 B.C. using instruments made from oyster shells or sharpened flint.
  • During the Roman Empire, barber poles represented “barber-surgeons” who performed procedures such as tooth extractions and amputations, in addition to hair cuts and shaving. 
  • The first barber school was opened in Chicago, IL In the late 18th century.
Barber & Co. – Toronto & Vancouver
  • In 1850, the first upholstered barber chair was introduced! Today’s modern chairs, with high seating and footrest, are designed from that original model. 
The Art of Shaving – New York

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