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Men are notorious for skimping on our skin maintenance routines. Skin care has not been considered manly, and the label “beauty product” has not helped to get us close to moisturizers, face washes and the like. Now, things have changed quite a lot, and a weathered, leathery face is not […]

Facial Skin Care Basics

Some archeologists claim that beer kicked-started civilization, and whether that proves to be true or not, the civilized beer connoisseur knows that there’s more to life than hops. And to sport a spotless mug, the folks at DRAFT Magazine picked some fine products brewed just for men. Among them, Anthony […]

Anthony Razor Burn Repair in DRAFT Magazine

Fendrihan and our traditional shaving products have been featured in the November issue of Fast Company Magazine. David Lidsky writes in the editorial Clean and Clear: You never see razor burn in old photographs. For all our modern tools –lubricating gels, moisturizing balms with SPF– an apothecary-style morning ritual combining […]

Fendrihan in Fast Company Magazine

Mühle-Pinsel is celebrating its 65th year of operations. Run by the grandchildren of founder Otto Müller, the brand is recognized by its iconic mill; or Mühle, in German, the place where a Müller, or miller, works. The house of Mühle excels at bringing together tradition and cutting-edge technology to a […]

Mühle Turns 65