Fendrihan in Fast Company Magazine

Fendrihan in Fast Company Magazine

Fendrihan and our traditional shaving products have been featured in the November issue of Fast Company Magazine. David Lidsky writes in the editorial Clean and Clear:

You never see razor burn in old photographs. For all our modern tools –lubricating gels, moisturizing balms with SPF– an apothecary-style morning ritual combining today’s knowledge with old-time techniques may be a better way. I started with a […] Semogue shaving brush, handmade in Portugal by a small family business. The stiff boar bristles of the 1520 brush […] (fendrihan.com) felt so great while exfoliating my skin that I may start brushing my face for fun. I used it with […] Gentlemens Refinery’s Black Ice shave cream […], developed by Las Vegas master barber Perry Gastis. Its light pink hue and whiff of anise (an anti-inflammatory) shocked me at first, but it builds a rich, not-too-thick lather. I finished off my face like my old man did, with an aftershave splash

Old-style shaving techniques do have a lot to offer, and as Lidsky notes it, the improvement might not only leave you with better skin, but also with a smile upon your face.


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