Father’s Day Gift Guide for All Kinds of Dads

Father’s Day Gift Guide for All Kinds of Dads

Shopping for Father’s Day can be a challenging endeavor as you want the best gift for that one special man in your life. If you find yourself absolutely clueless this Father’s Day, here is the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide to help you find that perfect gift. To use this guide you must first determine into which father-type your dad best fits depending on his personality, work and hobbies, then pick out a gift that he will like the most.

1. The Working Dad. Whether he is a humble employee, a big shot at Bay Street or the president of his own company, these dads have a couple of things in common. They are constantly surrounded by other people and they value their appearance and style. They are the hardworking pops who provide, spend, nurture and could definitely need a break. If this is your dad, he might fancy:

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2. The Classic Dad. This dad is between 45 and 65 years old. He had a blast in the ‘60s and ‘70s, acquired a taste for whiskey and cigars and enjoys the occasional golf games or visits to blues bars. The classic dads usually have one hobby that they are ridiculously passionate about, be it carving, sailing, cooking and what not. If this is your dad, he might fancy:

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  • A new leather wallet with a modern touch.
  • A roller rock whiskey glass (accompanied preferably with a good ol’ whiskey bottle).
  • An accessory for his hobby. Does your dad love to cook for instance? How about some quality Japanese kitchen knives?
  • Hair thickening shampoo and other men’s grooming products such as hair pomade for men, brilliantine and hair tonic.
  • A classic pair of Aviator shades.

3. My Old Man Dad. These are the older gentlemen who have retired from their jobs and are now living the life as retired men. Retirement is one of the most difficult and potentially fun transitions in any man’s life as they now enjoy the slower pace and a lot of free time. The best things you can give your old man are things that will make his retirement more enjoyable and that wouldn’t make him feel too old. If this is your dad, he might like any of the following Father’s Day gift ideas:

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  • Fedoras, panama hats or flat hats for the casual yet debonair older gentleman.
  • Perfume and fragrances.
  • Does your dad collect something? How about another addition to his collection.
  • A special bottle of wine, wine gift certificate or a stay at a winery if your dad is a wine connoisseur.
  • A leather-bound journal to write down his adventures and a quality Sheaffer ballpoint pen to go with it.
  • Special shaving cream for your dad’s sensitive skin.

4. The Dad Who Has It All. This is probably one of the hardest types of dad to bestow with gifts. What do you give to a man who has everything and who can virtually afford everything? One thing you have to remember is that the thought counts more than the value of the present. If this is your dad, he might like:

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  • A fountain pen. The fountain pens are the highest in the world of pens and signify a commanding personality worthy of respect and authority. If you can afford to spend 500 bucks for a pen, you might fancy the Aurora 88 Fountain pen.
  • An heirloom watch. Watches are a man’s most prized and often times the only piece of jewelry they constantly wear. Although this dad may have several watches already, he may not have an heirloom watch from Cartier or an antique pocket watch from Patek Philippe.
  • Gold-plated brass cufflinks.
  • A one-of-a-kind horn-handled shaving brush.

5. The Sporty Outdoors Dad. This dad loves to live life to the fullest. He spends his weekends engaging in sports and outdoor activities and he is the type of dad who would drag the entire family to the lake on a sunny Sunday afternoon. He loves to travel and experience the world. If this is your dad, he might like:

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  • A new travel kit or toiletry bag for men like the J. W. Hulme Co. Dopp Style Travel Kit, American Heritage. This can come in handy if your dad loves to travel a lot.
  • If your dad is into sports, the Father’s Day gift ideas are endless. Would he be happy with an inflatable raft, a fishing set, a new bicycle or hunting gear? How about new hiking gear, running shoes, motorcycle gear or swimming trunks?
  • Shaving and grooming accessories. Your dad may be tough and rough but he sure loves to pamper himself too. Some good facial products and moisturizing lotions specifically made for men may be good for him if he is outdoors a lot.
  • Father’s Day gift certificates. Although not the most personal gift, you can never go wrong with a Father’s Day gift certificate for your dad to splurge.