You Asked — And Taylor of Old Bond Street Replied

You Asked — And Taylor of Old Bond Street Replied

Fendrihan recently offered our Facebook followers the unique opportunity to pose questions to the staff at Taylor of Old Bond Street. We collected queries from our gentlemen of distinction and shared them with the British men’s shaving and grooming experts at Taylor. A video answering Fendrihan’s customer’s questions has now gone live, an exciting event, indeed.

The Managing Director of Taylor of Old Bond Street, Mr. Barry Klein, welcomed the questions and gave thoughtful, thorough answers to most, although he was understandably circumspect about revealing information about any particular customers. “We have people who come in from all walks of life,” he said with a smile, “from royalty, Presidents, Prime Ministers and celebrities.” That men from all walks of life rely upon the premium products from Taylor for good grooming is clear, as is Taylor’s commitment to the privacy of every client.

Mr. Klein explained that the original formulas have not changed much over the years, still relying upon the quality ingredients that make Taylor’s products so highly regarded, Noting that they now have eliminated parabens in the products, he indicated that any changes in the ingredients was for better care of the consumer. Many of the products are still handmade or hand finished, including brushes, combs and razors.

New products constantly are being created by Taylor to take advantage of a wide range of nurturing ingredients and the worldwide renaissance of gentlemen’s interest in wet shaving, such as Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil. Because of the partnership we have developed with Taylor of Old Bond Street, Fendrihan has been able to offer exclusive access to newly introduced products; the recent introduction of and Luxury Shaving Gel is a recent example, only available directly through Taylor and from Fendrihan immediately after its unveiling.

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