How To Handle Baldness Like A Man

How To Handle Baldness Like A Man

As Jason Racz once said, “Bald is the new black.” While many might disagree with this confident claim, many gentlemen have embraced the bare-headed look. Male pattern baldness results from a genetic predisposition, and the hair loss is the product of male sex hormones. Typically, you’ll see a receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown of the head.

There are a number of styling techniques and products available that can help spruce your hair up, making it look fuller. Several sea salt sprays and light clay pomades can be used to accomplish increased volume, helping to reduce grease and evenly distribute hair follicles over the scalp. Having excess oil build up can cause the hair to clump together, thus making bald spots slightly more obvious.

While reducing moisture is good insofar as it prevents greasiness, it’s always wise to try and strike a moisture balance. Sebaceous glands on your head secrete oil to lubricate each hair follicle, helping to keep the hair that you do have in good condition. For this reason, men facing hair loss often choose to sport a shorter hair style, so that their hair strands are better conditioned. Additionally, shorter haircuts, like buzz-cuts, help even out the rest of your hair with the balding areas. Generally, keeping your hair length as even as possible across your head’s surface area keeps everything looking neat and fresh.

Along the same line of thought, you should avoid washing your hair too often; excessive shampooing can actually strip your locks of their natural oils, hence compromising the health of your hairs. Men with thinning hair often find that washing with a special caffeinated shampoo helps stimulate follicle growth, a useful way to manage the inevitable hair loss.

For those who are seriously interested in treating their hair loss, there are also several medicinal solutions available. Minoxidil, marketed as Rogaine,can be applied directly to your scalp to stimulate hair follicles at the root. The treatment slows hair loss, and in some cases helps men grow new hair. Finasteride is another popular treatment to help delay hair loss. Once use of these treatments is put to an end, however, the hair loss continues.

We’re personally fans of the clean shaven head, but we also think that a man with confidence can sport any kind of hair and still look handsome. Below are some stellar examples:

Kelly Slater, professional surfer.


Sean Connery, former James Bond. 939e65d603a2

Louis C.K., King of Comedy.