We’ll always have shaving in Paris

We’ll always have shaving in Paris

In the latest part of our quest to bring the world’s best shaving accessories home, Fendrihan took a trip to Paris. Perhaps it isn’t surprising to note that the famous capital of France is home to an amazing selection of razors. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the things we found, and some of the things you can expect to appear at Fendrihan in the future.


We stumbled across Planete Rasoir first. Founded in 1966, it’s a breathtaking spectacle of wet shaving.


This is only a small selection of the brushes they offer. Most of these are Plisson White Mountain Badger, which is quite difficult to find in North America.




And straight razors. These are mostly Thiers Issard razors from the Auvergne region of France.



Noxzema is very popular on shaving forums, but is almost impossible to find in North America. This store has three varieties!


And of course, you don’t have to do the actual shaving, if you don’t want to.



In addition to shaving supplies, we also visited some soap makers to bring back for our grooming section. How do you feel about banana!



This stuff must be good, there’s shaving right on the label.





Oops, that’s cheese. It is Paris, after all.

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  1. Great news!
    My father was using Noxzema shave cream (in tubes, like today’s Nivea and ProRaso) and I’ll be delighted to buy it from Fendrihan!

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